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Veterans Health Education

VA Augusta is eager to share resources and Veteran education with the CSRA community.

Keisha Baker

Keisha Baker BSN, MSN-Ed, RN VHE

Veterans Health Education Coordinator

VA Augusta health care

Phone: 706-733-0188 ext. 26157


Veterans Health Library

Helping Veterans stay well and well-informed

Veteran News Network graphic

What can you expect to see on Veteran News Network?

The Veteran News Network (VNN) is a channel for Veterans, developed by Veterans, that offers a fun and informative mix of specialized programming to honor, entertain, and inform Veterans 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

VNN features:  

  1. Entertainment: music by military bands, the latest active-duty military happenings, and humorous shows about shared military experiences.
  2. Education: Veteran-centric health education.
  3. Inspiration: VNN highlights stories to inspire and empower Veterans to live their best lives.
  4. News & Information: VNN’s news series, VA News, helps Veterans stay up to date on the top stories from the Veteran Community.
How can I get involved?

Interested in sharing your story? Please provide your story and feedback to or tag us on social media! #VeteranNewsNetwork #VANews #VNN

While the Veteran News Network has not yet been rolled out to all VA facilities, it is accessible to everyone 24/7 on YouTube.