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Internships and fellowships

VA Augusta health care provides training programs for students at the college, university, and postgraduate levels. Explore our training programs to find out about how we can help you start your career as a health care professional.


Welcome to the Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center Residents/Fellows Onboarding Site

To participate in your chosen program at the VA, you will need to complete the following Onboarding requirements. Part 1 should be completed a minimum of 90-120 days before your start date. If not completed timely, this may delay or remove entry into your rotation. 

Please work closely with your VA Point of Contact (link below) to avoid any unnecessary delays; these department liaisons are available to help and answer your questions.

Part 1 – Required from Resident: Start 90-120 days prior to rotation

  • Fingerprinting – Required for all trainees to obtain a PIV card (for email and computer access). Fingerprints can be done up to 120 days prior to your rotation.
  • An appointment is only necessary for groups of three or more. Individuals may make an appointment for fingerprinting at their convenience by calling the office of their choice.  
  • Walk-in service for fingerprinting is available 8AM-4PM, at both our Uptown and Downtown Divisions.
    • Uptown Division, located at One Freedom Way, Augusta, GA 30904. Take the West elevator to the 4th floor and go to room 4D-107, Phone ensions 6904/6912/6913/6915.
    •  Downtown Division, located at 950-15th Street, Augusta, GA 30912. Take the elevator to the 2nd floor and go to room 2D-254, Phone ensions 1995/1996/6915.
    • Bring your completed Fingerprinting form: VA Fingerprint form (link below)
    • You will also need to bring two forms of ID with you to your appointment. A Driver’s License or Passport is ideal. Please reference the link below titled USAccess Acceptable Forms of ID. School ID, weapons permit, and copy of voter registration card, are NOT acceptable forms of ID.
    • If you are out-of-town, fingerprints may be taken at another VA.  You will need to request a courtesy fingerprint for Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center 1 Freedom Way Augusta, GA 30904.  You will need the following information: Security Officer Identifier (SOI) #VA80 and Submitting Office Number (SON) #1142, ADPAC 36001200.  Please contact your Augusta VA POC upon completion.
    • If fingerprints will be taken at a federal agency other than the VA, the following information will need to be provided: OPAC 3600 1200
    • Fingerprints are only acceptable through a Federal Agency. Please do not go to a police station for fingerprinting.

Part 2: Mandatory Training requirements:

  • Online “Mandatory Training for Trainees” – Required for all trainees. 

You must create an account in the VA’s Talent Management System (TMS) and complete the assigned training to obtain computer and patient access. You are required to complete this training which comes in two options; an online course titled Mandatory Training for Trainees, (MTT):  TMS# 3185966 for new users and Refresher Course, (MTT):  TMS# 3192008 for returning trainees.

    •  Follow the directions given on the TMS Instructions (link below) to access the website, create your account, and complete your training.
    • Check the point of contact list for any information needed below:
      • The VA Location being supported. AUG, select VA Medical Center
      • Your Trainee Type and Specialty/Discipline. Health Professions Trainee
      • The VA Point of Contact’s First Name, Last Name, Email Address, and Telephone Number.
    • This is an annual requirement that must be kept current to avoid computer access termination and must be completed before you will be granted access.
  • CPRS (Computerized Patient Record System) Training

Your position requires you to have personal access to the CPRS Medical Records. Complete the CPRS Tab by Tab training VA 35795 in TMS and return your training certificate.

 This training covers the basic aspects of using the VA Computerized Patient Record System (CPRS). Learners will experience each tab of the CPRS, basic operations & how they may customize settings to make more efficient use of the system. It will equip the new employee with the skills necessary to navigate the electronic health record and provide existing employees ongoing training and job aids they can use to build their CPRS skills while working in their professional capacity.

VA Forms – Please follow these instructions carefully to avoid having your paperwork returned:  Tips for Completing Your VA Paperwork (link below)

These forms are required for onboarding:

    • VHA 10-2850D - Application for Health Professions Trainees
    • OF-306 - Declaration of Federal Employment
    • SF-61 - Appointment Affidavit
    • VA Form 10-3203
  • Common Fingerprint Form
  • Copy of Talent Management System (TMS) Certificate of Completion, Mandatory Training for Trainees, (MTT):  TMS# 3185966 OR Refresher Course, (MTT):  TMS# 3192008
  • CPRS tab by tab training certificates
  • Computer Access Request Form
  • Copy: ALL State licenses/s currently held
  • Copy of ACLS Card, if applicable
  • Copy of BLS Card, if applicable
  • Copy: DEA license, if applicable
  • Copy ECFMG Certificate, if applicable
  • List of Clinical Clerkships, mandatory if not US or Canadian Medical/Dental School Graduate
  • Copy: Visa or Permanent Resident Care (Green Card), if applicable
  • Malpractice Statement
  • Random Drug Testing form
  • Standards of Ethical Conduct
  • Department of Veterans Affairs Policy on Patient Abuse
  • Government Ethics Notice for Prospective VA Employees
  • Rules of Behavior
  • Curriculum Vitae required for ALL Residents, ensuring ALL time is accounted for from High school graduation to Present including work history and all additional education to appointment date (no gaps greater than one month)
  • Part 2 – VA Internal Processing, Acquisition of PIV card, and computer access setup
  • You will be required to come on station for this step. Failure to do so will result in you not having computer access on your expected start date. Once the VA Internal Processing, including a swearing in ceremony is complete, you will receive your PIV card and meet with an ADPAC to ensure your computer access is established
  • For local Residents we will offer in-processing 30 days before your expected start date.
  • For out-of-town Residents we will offer in-processing the week before your expected start date.
  • Part 3: - Service level orientation
    • Service level orientation will begin on your expected start date.

If you have any general questions, please contact the Education Office contact listed on this page or your department/service point of contact. 


Latonya D. Johnson

Supervisor Affiliations & Hospital Education Service (33)

U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs Southeast Network (VISN7) 

Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center

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