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Without Compensation Onboarding

If you are a student, resident, intern, university staff member assigned to supervise students on site, work study applicant, or a Veteran working under the Non-Paid Work Experience (NPWE) program, these are the requirements you must complete before starting your rotation. Please review the instructions on this page and complete these items within the timeframe indicated in order to avoid delay of your start date.

The WOC onboarding process is coordinated by Learning Resources Service (LRS) and Human Resources Management Service (HRMS) at the Battle Creek VA Health Care System. If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact the WOC Team at or 269-223-5239.

If you are a returning student - paperwork, training, and fingerprints previously submitted may still be valid. Please contact the WOC Team to determine what needs to be completed at or 269-223-5239.

Extensions of WOC Appointments are granted on a case by case basis and must be requested through email by your VA preceptor two weeks prior to the expiration of your current WOC appointment. Extensions may require refresher training, a new PIV card, and additional paperwork. Please contact the WOC Team to determine what needs to be completed.

Please follow steps 1-10 below (Steps 1-5 must be completed a minimum of 6-12 weeks prior to your rotation).

It is VHA policy that medical facilities establish a mandatory COVID-19 and seasonal influenza vaccination program by requiring all employees and trainees to receive COVID-19 and annual seasonal influenza vaccinations, and document COVID vaccination (or request a medical or religious exemption) using VA Form 10-230. Compliance with VA Form 10-230 submission to is a condition of training at VA. Trainees in violation of this directive will be removed from training.

Step 1: SSN as appropriate and Affiliation Agreement


1. Two forms of ID. Please see the list of Acceptable IDs below

2. VA Form OF-306 Dec for Fed Employment. Please See Below

3. PIV Form. Please See Below

4. Application for HPT VA Form 10-2850d . Please See Below

B. Non-Citizens please bring the following:

1.  Proof of employment authorization issued by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service

2.  Current passport or visa

3.  Form I-20 Certificate of Eligibility or Form I-94 Arrival/Departure Report


Naturalized Citizens please bring naturalization paperwork

Required. All students, residents, interns, and university staff members MUST have a US Social Security Number and appropriate Affiliation Agreement with the Battle Creek VA Medical Center. Please contact Ms. Rachelle Beebe, Academic Affiliations Program Specialist, at 269-223-6430 or


Step 2: Fingerprinting Appointment and Required Paperwork

Required. Please complete or obtain the following paperwork and bring to a walk-in fingerprinting appointment at our Personal Identity Verification (PIV) Card Office (PIV Office is located at 5500 Armstrong Rd., Battle Creek, MI 49037, Building 24, Room 120/121 (documents and map available on website)) at your earliest convenience, 6-12 weeks prior to VA start date. Walk in appointments for fingerprints are available Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. If you have any questions about these requirements contact the PIV Office at 269-223-5243 or 269-223-6780. Note: Office is closed on Federal Holidays.

  1. Two forms of ID. Please see the list of Acceptable IDs below
  2. VA Form OF-306 Dec for Fed Employment. Please See Below
  3. PIV Form. Please See Below
  4. Application for HPT VA Form 10-2850d . Please See Below


Step 3: Trainee Qualification Certification and Verification Letter

Required. If you are a student, resident, or intern, please ensure your school or university has completed and submitted a TQCVL (Cover Letter Template / List of Students Template Please See Below) to Ms. Rachelle Beebe at 6-12 weeks prior to your rotation start date. Questions regarding TQCVL's should be directed to Ms. Beebe.

Note, If your academic program requires Basic Life Support (BLS) training and certification, or you are enrolled in any of the following disciplines: Nursing/RN, NP, APN, DPN, FNP, Medical/Physician, Physician’s Assistant, Psychology, Optometry, Blind Rehabilitation, Pharmacy, Dietitian, Audiology, Social Work, Physical Therapy, Recreation Therapy, Paramedic, Transitional Residence (TR) House Manger, the Affiliate or Academic Institution MUST retain and provide VA with proof of BLS training through American Heart Association or The Military Network if asked. Your training must be current, i.e. not outside of the recommended renewal date listed on the card. If you belong to one of the listed disciplines and have not taken BLS training, you are required to do so at your own expense (or through your school) prior to your start date at the VA. Please ensure the Affiliate or Academic Institution has this on file. 


Step 4: Mandatory Online Training for Trainees

Required. Self-register for a Talent Management System (TMS) account and complete the required training modules within 6-12 weeks prior to your VA start date. Click on the following link Resources for Health Professions Trainees Coming to VA | Mandatory Training - Office of Academic Affiliations and expand the ‘First-Time Users’ option for instructions. See information below when creating your TMS account. If you need assistance with TMS, please reach out to Ms. Joyce Harris at 269-223-6428 Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. or email

  1. VA Location code (3-charachter code): BAC
  2. Trainee Type: If yours is not listed, select Associated Health
  3. Specialty/Discipline: Select most appropriate
  4. VA Point of Contact First Name: WOC
  5. VA Point of Contact Last Name: Team
  6. VA Point of Contact Email Address:
  7. VA Point of Contact Phone Number: 269-223-5239


Step 5: Extended Background Check

Required only if your rotation will exceed 180 calendar days. Please complete 6-12 weeks prior to your VA start date. Contact the WOC Team at or 269-223-5239 to start the process for a full background investigation.


Step 6: PIV Applicant Training for Trainees

Required. Please be sure to review the PIV Applicant Training. The training provides an overview of the VA’s ID badging process. You DO NOT need to print, sign or submit this document. The training is for your review/reference only.


Step 7: CPRS Training as directed by preceptor

Optional. Please log into TMS (See Step 4 for Instructions). Look for ‘Browse the Catalog’ or ‘Browse Catalog’. Enter ‘CPRS’ into the search bar. You should see ‘CPRS Tab by Tab: A Basic Orientation (VA 35795)’. Please click on this title and click to start course. If you need assistance with TMS, please reach out to or 269-223-6430.

Step 8: First Day In-Processing at Building 24 in Battle Creek

Required. On the first day of your rotation at the VA, please report to HRMS for in-processing at 8:00 a.m., unless stated otherwise by your school or preceptor. If your school or preceptor has informed you of a different start time, please send an email to inform the WOC Team at Please bring two pieces of identification from the link provided in Step 2. Identification must be original, valid, and not expired. Photocopies will not be accepted.

All students, even those rotating at the Veterans Outreach Center, or at one of Battle Creek VA’s affiliated Community Based Outpatient Clinics (Benton Harbor, Lansing, Muskegon, Wyoming) must in-process in Battle Creek. You will report to your rotation location after in-processing.

Report to Battle Creek VA Medical Center, HRMS - Building 24, Room 118A. Park in Lot A.


Step 9:

Optional. Please be sure to complete the Office of Academic Affiliations (OAA) VA Learners’ Perception Survey at the end of your rotation at Information from this survey provides feedback to identify areas of excellence as well as areas needing improvement. The survey should take about 10 minutes to complete.


Step 10:  Clearing Station

Please complete the attached PDF clearance sheet, and give this to the PIV office on your way off station, see below for form instructions.

• Item No. 1: Please input Service ADPAC as the Clearance Official and date.

• Item No. 2: Please input Service ADPAC and date.

• Item No. 4: Please input your preceptor as the Clearance Official and date. Please state what is returned or ‘no items checked out’.

• Item No. 5: Please input Service staff as the RLO and date. Please state ‘no documents saved in U: drive’ and please be sure your U: drive has been emptied.

• Item No. 6: If you received any vehicle decals, please call Ex 33645 and relay to the Police Service Secretary Ms. Connie Chapman that you are clearing station, she will likely tell you to remove any decals on your car and to input the date and her initials on the form. If you did not register your vehicle here, then please input N/A and date.

• Item No. 7: Please call Ex 35700 or 35494 and relay that you are clearing station, they will ask if you have any IT equipment checked out.

• Item No. 8: Please hand this form to the PIV Office staff Bld 24 Room 121 on your way off campus AND hand them your PIV card. (PIV cards are federal property).

Please return any items received (IT equipment, Keys, Lab Coat, etc.) to your preceptor or Service staff. Note: residents/students who fail to return applicable items may be ticketed and fined.

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