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Onboarding Process

All Health Profession Trainees inclusive of students, interns, and residents are to follow the onboarding process. The information provided below has the required documents you will need to complete 45 days at a minimum prior to clinical rotation.

The following steps are to be completed prior to the clinical rotation either by the academic institution and/or trainee.

  1. 1. Affiliation Agreement

    Prior to any training at the Beckley VAMC, a current Affiliation Agreement with the accredited program must be on file.  Please contact the Education Staff. (to be inquired and completed by the School only, not the student).


  2.  2.  Trainee Qualification and Certification Verification Letter   

    • The template cannot be altered and needs to be copied onto the School’s Letterhead.
    • Must be completed 45 days prior to the first day of clinical rotation with the school’s internal signature and Student List. 
    • Trainees will not be onboarded at the VA until the TQCVL, and Student list are received.     
    • Any new additional students scheduled for clinical rotations within the academic year, must have a new TQCVL and student list.
  3. 3.  Student/Trainees Onboarding Process

    a. Fill out packet

    This entire packet is fillable, and data can be saved.  Please complete each section where information is requested and send to no less than 45 days prior to your start date.  Failing to do so can impact your time here and prevent you from completing your rotation. Please email your complete packet to

    b. Personal Identity Verification (PIV)- Fingerprinting

    • Fingerprinting is conducted in the PIV office.  Monday- Friday 8:30am- 3:30pm except for Federal Holidays.
    • Bring Two forms of Identification (Driver's License, Social Security Card, passport, or birth certificate). 
    • Fingerprints can be taken at any Department of Veterans Affairs VAMC as long as you call to schedule an appointment.  
    • Locations and phone numbers can be found at locations.
    • It is very important to tell the other VA that the fingerprint results need to be sent to the Beckley VAMC and provide them with these two numbers:



    c. Required Training- Talent Management System

    • This must be completed prior to your first day of clinical rotation.
    • You will receive an email on the account information and log in after you complete the required onboarding documents.
    • Do NOT make your own VA account. 

     d. First Clinical Day Instruction:

    • Call the Education staff two weeks before your first day on campus.
    • Report to the PIV/fingerprint office and then to the Education Building on your first day.
    • You can park in the parking garage in any space except those designated.
    • Be aware that health screening may be taking place to allow entry into the facility.
  4. Step 4:  Trainee Satisfaction

    The VA Trainee Satisfaction Survey  is online, anonymous, and takes about five minutes to complete on your training experience at Beckley VAMC (517).

  5. Step 5: Exit/Clearance


    • On the last week of your clinical rotation, please contact the Education Staff and report to the Education Building.