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Local Kids Send Heartfelt Cheer to Veterans Through Valentine's Cards

VA Bedford National Salute
VA Bedford National Salute

Yesterday, February 14th, VA Bedford HCS hosted its annual National Salute to Veteran Patients event. This national event is held every year during Valentine's week to pay tribute to Veterans cared for at VA medical facilities across the country.

At VA Bedford, the highlight of the National Salute was when the hospital's executive leadership team and CDCE staff hand-delivered Valentine's Day cards made by students from local schools to Veteran patients. Thousands of cards were brought in to be distributed.

The cards were delivered throughout the hospital to Veterans in different wings and floors. Hospital staff guided the delivery as they went room to room, taking time to have thoughtful conversations with patients and hear about their military service.

Many Veterans were deeply moved by the handmade cards and expressed sincere gratitude for the students' efforts. One veteran said, "It means the world to us that these young kids took the time to make these cards just for us."

Though the students were not able to visit in person, their cards and messages still illustrated the importance of community members taking small actions to show Veterans that their service and sacrifices are valued. Both the students and the Veterans were enriched by the intergenerational connections made through this simple act of appreciation.