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Birmingham VA Health Care System Psychology Training Program

Please see below for details.

Psychology Internship:

Birmingham VA currently offers an APA-accredited clinical psychology internship (with 4 positions funded through VA) as part of the UAB-BVAMC Consortium.  Due to significant growth in our psychology services since the initiation of the consortium in the 1960s, we have begun the process of ending the consortium relationship, and BVAMC and UAB are each seeking accreditation as independent internships. However, we will remain an accredited consortium during the 2022-2023 training year. We are working closely with APA and are utilizing an option to independently apply for accreditation while we remain an accredited consortium. We will dissolve the consortium after independent accreditation has been achieved, while closely considering the timing in relation to our internship cohorts. While it’s true that big changes are coming to the consortium, one thing that has NOT changed is our commitment to high-quality psychology training. When the consortium began, BVAMC had only 2 psychologists and a Mental Hygiene Clinic; however, 17 psychologists now offer 11 training rotations within the VA. Furthermore, many BVAMC psychology services will be moving to a brand new, state-of-the-art Mental Health Building in February 2022 and will not be adjacent to UAB. Likewise, UAB has greatly expanded psychology services in recent years. This growth in both institutions, as well as new requirements from the VA nationally, make now a logical time to begin the process of independent accreditation.

As noted, we will remain a consortium for the 2022-2023 training year. However, matched interns should expect to complete all rotations within your matched site—either BVAMC or UAB. This is a change for our consortium but is required by VA National Policy, as ALL off-site rotations for VA-funded interns (at all VA internships across the country) are subject to review by the VA’s National Office of Academic Affiliations (OAA) beginning with the 2022-2023 training year. To be approved, offsite rotations must 1) be of direct benefit to veterans, 2) be of direct benefit to VA, and 3) be necessary to meet accreditation requirements.

Please see Psychology Internship Brochure here:

Neuropsychology Postdoctoral Fellowship:

Birmingham VA has applied for APA accreditation for our postdoctoral fellowship and had a site visit on October 25-26, 2021. How to Apply: The Birmingham VA Neuropsychology Postdoctoral Fellowship will next recruit applicants for the 2023-2025 training period. Interested parties should contact Misti J. Norton, Ph.D., Director of Psychology Training:

Please see our Neuropsychology Fellowship Brochure here:

VA Quality Scholars Postdoctoral Fellowship:

Birmingham VA has a long tradition of training postdoctoral fellows of various disciplines in research and clinical practice and has now added psychology as an available discipline. Please contact Carlos Estrada, MD ( or with VAQS program questions and Misti Norton, PhD ( with psychology-specific questions.

Birmingham | VA Quality Scholars (