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Birmingham VA Pharmacy Residency Programs

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The Postgraduate Year One (PGY1) and Postgraduate Year Two (PGY2) Pharmacy Residencies located in Birmingham, Alabama, provide residents with the skills and knowledge required to enter a contemporary practice environment where they can effectively provide clinical services. The Birmingham VA Health Care System (BVAHCS), understands the changing face of pharmacy healthcare and strive to prepare our residents for entrance into a competitive job market. Whether the resident's interest lies within research, publication, teaching, or leadership, BVAHCS cares about the residents’ future and will prepare each of them for a meaningful career as a pharmacy practitioner.

The PGY1 Pharmacy Practice Residency Program at the Birmingham VA Health Care System is designed to focus on the development of knowledge, attitude, and skills required to become a competent clinical practitioner. The training and education of residents will complement the foundational knowledge and skills already possessed. The residents will be directly involved in providing patient focused pharmaceutical services as well as involvement in other pharmacy experiences including management, teaching responsibilities, and assigned projects.

The PGY2 Pain Management and Palliative Care Pharmacy Residency Program at the Birmingham VA Health Care System is designed to develop clinical pharmacy specialists to function independently in pain management. These specialists will provide medication management expertise within an interdisciplinary team and partner with other practice teams across the patient care continuum to manage complex pain conditions using a whole health approach. The resident will develop skills, attituded and knowledge needed to work independently and within an interdisciplinary team to provide individualized and evidenced based pharmacological and non-pharmacological care for chronic pain management and assist with misuse and overuse of opioid prescriptions.

BVAHCS takes pride in our residents and our residency programs. We are at the forefront of pharmacy practice and encourage you to consider our site as a place to complete your PGY1 or PGY2 residency and begin your pharmacy career. Please take the opportunity to review the information within our website to learn more about our exciting programs. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to e-mail the Program Director.

For the PGY1,Pharmacy Residency Program please contact:

PGY1 Residency Program Director: J. Andrew Carr, Pharm.D., BCPS (AQ-ID) at

For the PGY2 Pain Management and Palliative Care Pharmacy Residency Program, please contact:

PGY2 Residency Program Coordinator: Courtney Lee, Pharm.D. at