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Birmingham VA Medical and Dental Residents

Birmingham VA Medical and Dental Residents

What is the process for provisioning Medical and Dental residents on a disbursement agreement?

The general process for an HPT Provision is as follows:

  1. An HPT coordinator logs into IAM Account Provisioning/Deprovisioning (APD) System and sends an Invite to the HPT Invitee.
  2. The HPT Invitee receives an Invitation email with a link to Access VA and an invitation code.
  3. The HPT Invitee uses the Access VA link to navigate to the IAM Invitation Service.
  4. The HPT Invitee enters in their invitation code from the invitation email and fills out the 6 required forms within IAM Invitation Service (starting with the Initial Worksheet).
  5. The HPT Invitee submits the 6 forms, populating the Profile Creation page of their provision within the IAM Account Provisioning/Deprovisioning (APD) System.
  6. The Profile Creation page is now unlocked for the HPT coordinator, allowing them to fill out the remaining fields and submit the profile.
  7. The HPT Coordinator selects a VA Active Directory email for the HPT Invitee and submits the profile.
  8. The HPT Invitee must complete their Special Agency Check (SAC) Adjudication and required Training courses so they can become ACTIVE.

Application Forms/Training

The Birmingham VA Health Care System has implemented a new system for onboarding Health Professions Trainees (HPTs) titled Account Provisioning and Deprovisioning System (APDS).  This new system will allow you to self-register for your trainee appointment, retain your documents and allow VA HPT Coordinators to view documents in real-time. 

You will receive an email from with instructions on how to complete the onboarding process.  Check your spam folder if an email is not received.  Please complete the on-boarding documentation within seven (7) days of receiving the email. 

Use the “IAM Provisioning Guidance (Trainees)” form below to complete this process.

Please be sure your name in the system is your legal name.  If not, please send an email to

The “IAM Provisioning Guidance (Trainees)” file is a guide in completing the required documents. 

Forms, Mandatory Training for Trainees (MTT) via Talent Management System (TMS),Surgery Residents, Anesthesia Residents, Contacts, Fingerprinting and Photo IDs (PIV Badges) & Orientation

Below is the list of forms that are available in Account Provisioning and Deprovisioning System (APDS) and will automatically be uploaded upon completion.

    1. Naturalized US Citizens – Please include with the IAM Worksheet a copy of your Naturalized Citizen documentation.
    2. Non-US Citizens – Please include with the IAM Worksheet a copy of your proof of immigrant status.


  1. VA Form 10-2850D – Health Professions Trainee Data Collection Form
  2. OF 306 – Declaration for Federal Employment 
  3. FL 10-294 Sample Appointment Letter
  4. SF 61 Appointment Affidavit
  5. Random Drug Testing Notification and Acknowledgement

Mandatory Training for Trainees (MTT) via Talent Management System (TMS)

New Trainees Only

Once all information listed above has been completed in APDS, an email will be sent from to create a TMS account for completion of “VHA Mandatory Training for Trainees.”  Proof of completion will automatically be uploaded into APDS.  Hard copies of printed certificate of completion can be obtained by logging into TMS. 


Returning Trainees

On the main login page is a video tutorial, “Take a Tour of TMS 2.0,”  ( Watching this will answer many of your questions.

Residents who have already completed the “Mandatory Training for Trainees” course in TMS are eligible to take the course titled "VHA Mandatory Training for Trainees – Refresher Course."  Log into the TMS website using your new “username,” which should be the email address you self-registered with in TMS. Try using the “Forgot Username” option on the main TMS login page to get this information if you don’t know it. If that doesn’t work, you’ll need to contact the help desk (ext 33-6235) to get your “username” for TMS login and request they add a direct phone number to your TMS account. 

Once you are in TMS, complete the refresher training, print your certificate, and save it digitally.  Certificates should be turned in to your BVAHCS service contact once you complete the course.

If your TMS account is inactive, reach out to your service contact.  They will obtain more information from you to request account reactivation through the TMS Domain Manager in Birmingham.  Account reactivations normally occur within 72 hours.


 Surgery Residents

Please contact Lakia White, DNP, Surgery Residency Supervision Coordinator, at -4375 for important information regarding your rotation at the Birmingham VA Health Care System.  

Anesthesia Residents

Please contact Dr. Jason Morris, Director of Education, Medicine Service, for PGY-1 Anesthesia residents at -2460. Please contact Dr. Timothy Aiken, Anesthesia Education Director or Dr. Yasser Sakawi, Anesthesia Residency Program Site Director at -3777 for PGY 2 through PGY 4 Anesthesia residents if you have questions.  The link for UAB paging is, and the phone number for UAB paging is .



A list of HPT Coordinators is listed below.


Fingerprinting and Photo IDs (PIV Badges)

NOTE:  No prints will be accepted from outside sources other than the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).  For Example:  Please do not go to the local sheriff department to have prints done.  They will NOT be accepted and will cause a delay in your account being created and transferred to the Birmingham Domain.  If you have never worked at a VA Medical Center but are near a VA facility, you may obtain courtesy fingerprints prior to your arrival to the BVAHCS. 

If you choose to obtain courtesy fingerprints, you will need to inform the facility’s HR Department that you are an incoming Resident/Fellow for the BVAHCS.  You must use the codes (SOI: VAA8 SON: 1260) to ensure that your fingerprints are sent to the BVAHCS.  Please use the FINGERPRINTING REQUEST FORM attached if you have your fingerprints done at another VA facility.  Use the link below to locate the closest agency to complete fingerprinting near you. 

Assured Identity Scheduler:

Fingerprint Request Form, Acceptable Forms of ID, Fingerprinting Process are below.



Mandatory orientation sessions are scheduled by your service. You will need to bring two forms of identification to orientation:

  • One government-issued photo identification (i.e., driver’s license, military identification card, passport) and
  • One non-photo identification (i.e., Social Security Card, certified birth certificate, state voter registration card, Certificate of U.S. Citizenship or Certificate of Naturalization, Permanent Resident Card (if applicable)

Requirements at the Conclusion of VA Training

For residents completing a program and leaving the VA:

  • Verify that you have completed and signed all progress notes, orders, and patient requests. 
  • Turn in your PIV card to the PIV Office in Human Resources rooms 1926 - 1929 
  • Check out with your service or department. 
  • Computer Clearance. 
  • Complete the VA Trainee Satisfaction Survey
  • Consider VA Employment. 


For residents/trainees completing a rotation but who will return to the VA in subsequent rotations:

  • Try to avoid dictating on the last day of your rotation. There is a delay in transcription which may cause you to have to return to the VA during your UAB rotations to sign notes.  Type if possible.
  • Process all view alerts before leaving.  Call Medical Records (VA ext. 33-5976 or 33-6232) to ensure all outstanding notes/orders/etc. are signed.
  • Complete the mandatory training refresher course "VHA Mandatory Training for Trainees Refresher Course” prior to your next rotation and provide a copy of your mandatory training certificate of completion to your service point of contact before you rotate at the Birmingham VA Health Care System.