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My Opinion About My Care Plan Is Known

Understanding your care plan is important before you go home.

  • The medical team involved me in designing my plan of care.
    • Your healthcare team needs to involve you in designing the plan of care for your treatment. Please reach out to your nurse or medical social worker to ensure you are part of designing your treatment.
  • The medical team understands my concerns.
    • Personal preferences and beliefs are considered when developing your individualized plan of care. Your religious, cultural, and social beliefs can have a major impact on exactly how healthcare is delivered to you. Be sure your healthcare team understands your views and reach out to them with your views.
  • I understand the treatment I will receive.

The benefits of patient involvement in care planning are vast; it reduces anxious emotions, improves overall quality of life, reduces patient dissatisfaction, and allows for a much greater patient compliance are just a few.