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What to eat before and after surgery

Nutrition mindfulness is important!

What to Eat Before Surgery

NOTE:  Please follow the providers dietary recommendations prior to surgery for best surgical outcomes


Foods That Promote Wound Healing2

To promote wound healing, it is important to increase your calories and nutrients.  Good sources of nutrients include proteins, fluids, and vitamins A, C, and zinc.

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), your diet should include:

  • Proteins: 3-4 servings per day.  An average serving is 3-4 ounces which is roughly the size of the palm of your hand or the size and thickness of a deck of cards.
  • Carbohydrates: choose whole grain over refined grains.  Also avoid refined and added sugars as they promote bacteria growth.
  • Fluids: Increasing fluid intake during wound healing is important.  It is recommended that you drink half your body weight in ounces unless your doctor has given you different instructions.
  • Vitamins and Minerals: Consume foods rich in Vitamins A, C, and zinc.  Sources of Vitamin A and C include brightly colored fruits and vegetables.  Sources of zinc are found mainly in animal foods.  Vitamin C Supplementation: 500mg per day in noncomplicated wounds to 2g per day in severe wounds (nutrition and wound healing)

Medications that Interfere with Wound Healing

  • Talk to your doctor concerning the medications you take.  These can be medications that are prescribed, over the counter medications, and herbs, vitamins and nutritional supplements