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Beneficiary Travel Claims Procedures

The NEW Beneficiary Travel Claims Procedure is here!

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What is BTSSS? Beneficiary Travel Self Service System (BTSSS) is a self-service application that enables Veterans and Caregivers to submit travel reimbursement claims online through a secure web-based portal from a computer or mobile device. Birmingham VA has staff available at the Beneficiary Travel Office to assist Veterans with enrolling in BTSSS. If you have a VA Direct Express travel card for mileage reimbursement BTSSS should process to the card once the travel claim is submitted.

Why the change? – VHA has mandated that travel claims be made easy by allowing beneficiary travel eligible Veterans access to process their travel voucher at anytime after a VA authorized appointment. Veterans can use a home computer or smart phone to submit their travel claim online. “BTSSS is like applications in everyday life” i.e., How is your tax return processed?… How can you register your vehicle/tags? How do you monitor online banking? How are social media platforms utilized? Do you use cash apps to send money to loved ones? Once established BTSSS is easy to use.

We urge caregivers and Veteran Service Officers to assist Veterans who do not have online access.

Click here for more information: VA Travel Pay Reimbursement | Veterans Affairs