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Patient Discharge Information

This content is for Veteran discharge information.

Eating to Heal

Learning what to eat

Discover the impacts of nutrition and helpful hints to get you on the right track.

What to eat before and after surgery

Know what to eat before and after surgery for optimal results. 

Monitoring and Logging My Weight

Understanding Weight Maintenance.

It is important to routinely monitor your weight. Discuss with your doctor how often you should weigh yourself and if they need to see your weight log during your next doctor visit.

My Care Plan and Checklist

My opinion about my care plan is known

Understanding your care plan is important before you go home.

I have a plan to care for myself at discharge

Having a plan will result in better outcomes.

Symptoms to report

Monitor and keep track of any symptoms.

Discharge medications

Make sure you receive medication guidance.

Stress Management

How to manage stress.

When the body or mind goes through situations that are emotional, shocking, or disturbing, it causes stress. This triggers a reaction or chain of events in which stress hormones are released. Those hormones could cause problems for our health. 


Medication side effects and safety.

It is extremely important to take medications as prescribed. Consult your doctor before abruptly stopping your medications. Make sure to record any side effects or reactions you may be experiencing.