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Code of Conduct

With incidents of violence and disrespect toward healthcare workers continuing to rise, VA Boston Healthcare System seeks to foster safe, respectful workplaces for staff and healing environments for patients. Staff, visitors, and patients are expected to adhere to the following CODE OF CONDUCT.

Promotion of a safe and respectful environment
I. VA Boston Healthcare System is committed to uphold a Code of Conduct to maintain a safe, fair, and civil environment for Veteran patients, staff, and visitors.
II. VA Boston Healthcare System commits to the creation of policies and practices that promote the protection of staff, Veteran patients, and visitors.
III. A safe environment promotes Veteran patient, visitor, and staff safety.
IV. Rude, foul, or biased language or behavior undermines the safety of Veteran patients and staff.

Code of Conduct violations could include, but are not limited to:
I. Rude or violent behaviors or actions towards staff, Veteran patients, and visitors.
II. Hostile or impolite language towards staff, Veteran patients, and visitors.
III. Possession of weapons or firearms.
IV. Disruption of other Veteran patients’ care or experience.

Potential consequences
All violations will be addressed by hospital staff per the organization’s policies and procedures.
I. Veteran patients violating the code of conduct may have their current appointment or interaction terminated.
II. Anyone found violating the code of conduct may be asked to leave and reschedule.
III. If violations of the Code of Conduct are observed, please report violation to VA Police or a VA staff member.

Maintenance of Code of Conduct
I. Veteran patients should alert members of their care team or any staff member if they witness or are a victim of behaviors or actions that violate the Code of Conduct.
II. Retaliation for reporting a violation is prohibited.
III. Staff will report all observed or experienced violations of the Code of Conduct to their supervisor or VA Police. A disruptive behavior incident report should be filed.