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Nutrition, food and dietary care

Nutrition and Food Services provide comprehensive and innovative nutrition and food service programs for our Veterans. We strive to align with the Whole Health and Healthy Living Team programs to improve the overall health and well-being of the Veterans we serve.

Inpatient services

Dietitians in the acute care setting provide nutrition assessments, education, and coordination of care across the continuum.  They work closely with the healthcare team to ensure Veterans are nutritionally supported during their hospital stay.  All dietitians are uniquely qualified to identify a patient’s nutrition problem, the cause and signs/symptoms and implement patient centered interventions to resolve problems.  Nutrition assessment and education services are provided.

Outpatient services

Similarly to inpatient dietitians, outpatient dietitians help Veterans meet their health goals with nutrition assessment, education, counseling & coordination of care via a variety of modalities.  They can assist you in a variety of ways such as with managing diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, or other chronic illnesses, or if you have digestive issues, cancer, or want to eat smarter and include foods that you enjoy into a healthy lifestyle.

What kinds of appointments are available?

We offer the following appointment options:

  • Face-to-face
  • Phone
  • VA Video Connect (VVC)

How do I schedule an appointment?

  • Our clinics are self-referral
  • Call our scheduling line at  to make an appointment
  • Dietitian/Nutritionists are also available via MyHealtheVet secure messaging

Is a referral required?

NO. Patients may be seen at any time during their inpatient admission. In outpatient clinics, you are encouraged to self-refer.  A referral is not necessary unless you are seeking a prescription for an oral nutrition supplement, but if so, a consult to see a Dietitian must be submitted by your provider.

Are walk-ins accepted in nutrition outpatient clinics?

Yes, walk-ins and warm hand-offs from other providers are warmly welcomed – but there may be a small wait time with a brief appointment, and a need to schedule for additional time.

Is online scheduling available for this service?

YES. Only face-to-face clinics are open to online scheduling, if the dietitian has that function allowed.