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Grand Rounds

Medical education and inpatient care presentations regarding medical conditions and treatments.

Medical Grand Rounds

12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time

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Presentation Videos
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Mental Health Grand Rounds

Wednesdays, 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time

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Presentation Videos

2021 Presentation Videos

2020 Presentation Videos

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Surgical Service Grand Rounds

Fridays, 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. Eastern Time


2021-2022 Schedule
  • Jan. 7, 2022, Dr. Reza Askari, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, TBD
  • Jan. 21, Dr. Luise Pernar, Boston Medical Center, TBD
  • Jan. 28, Dr. Saseem Poudel, Hokkaido University, Japan, Resident Education in Japan
  • Feb. 4, Dr. Aundrea Oliver, East Carolina University, TBD
  • Feb. 18, Dr. Tsuyoshi Kaneko, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Transcatheter valve interventions
  • Feb. 25, Dr. Gabriel Brat, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Circular improvement methods for optimizing discharge opioid prescribing
  • March 4, Dr. Adam Schaffer, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, TBD
  • March 18, Dr. Niloo Edwards, Boston Medical Center, TBD
  • March 25, Dr. Hassan Khalil, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, TBD
  • April 15, Dr. Simon Talbot, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, TBD
  • April 29, Dr. Nancy Cho, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, TBD
  • May 6, Dr. David McAneny, Boston Medical Center, TBD
  • June 3, Dr. Andres Schanzer, University of Massachusetts, TBD
2020 - 2021 Presentations

Psychology Diversity Equity and Inclusion Education Series

VA Boston Optometry/Neurosurgery Case Collaboration

Brief Description:

This interactive case series showcases various patients co-managed by neurosurgery and optometry within the VA Boston Healthcare System.  Focus is on clinical presentation, diagnosis, and management considerations.  Key goals of the case series include creating opportunity to share expertise across services and promoting inter-departmental teamwork and learning to maximize patient outcomes.  The lectures are now approved for continuing education credit (both COPE and ACCME).  Attendees should register ahead of time in order to secure CE credit.


For more information, please email:

VA Boston Neurology Lecture Series

Boston VA Neurology Lecture Series Mondays @Noon Eastern showcases a variety of specialized lectures led by VA neurology and non-neurology faculty as well as non-VA guest speakers, covering important topics relating to the field of Neurology. The goal of this educational series is to improve our clinical practices by sharing neurological knowledge and expertise across services, promoting teamwork, and maximize patient outcomes utilizing evidence base approach. Within this innovated series, our department is also proud to host invited speakers and grand-rounds lectures that address major topics in neurology and latest clinical research for continued medical education and professional development.

Audience: The target audience includes physicians including general and subspecialty neurologists, neurology nurse practitioners as well as neurology and psychiatry trainees.

Recurring on Monday (except 1st Monday of each month) from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. (ET) during the academic year  (September – June).

Modality: Webinar

To join our VISN1 Neuro Teams page (to access video recordings) or to be added to our email-list, please feel free to reach out:

Academic Year 2022-2023



08.15.2022 Dr Coon (Mayo) - Autonomic Failure; Central to Peripheral

09.12.2022 Dr David Greer (BMC Chair Neuro) – Neuro-prognostication after Cardiac Arrest

09.26.2022 Dr Craig Blackstone (MGH Chief MD) – Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia

10.24.2022 Dr Vincent Lau - Non-Motor Symptoms in PD

10.25.2022 Dr Orly Moshe-Lilie – Paraproteinemic Neuropathies

11.14.2023 Dr Michael Alosco (BMC) – Exposure to Repetitive Head Impacts and CTE

01.23.2023 Dr Marissa Kellogg (VA Epilepsy Telehealth West) – Suicidal Thoughts and related behaviors in US Veterans with Seizures and Epilepsy

01.30.2023 Dr Anthony Amato (MGH Chief NM) – Inflammatory Myopathies

02.27.2023 Dr Hannah Noah – The Interface between Neurology and Weather

03.13.2023 Dr Orly Moshe-Lilie – Intro to Autonomic Assessment and Case Reviews

04.10.2023 Dr Brain Andersen – Use of Bevacizumab in Neuro-Oncology

04.17.2023 Dr Ornella Dubaz – Atypical PD

05.08.2023 Dr Orly Moshe-Lilie – CIDP, Its Variants and Unicorns

05.15.2023 Dr Petrea – Mild Cognitive Impairment

06.12.2023 – Dr Ornella Dubaz – Advanced Treatment Modalities for Movement Disorders

06.26.2023 Dr Mark Knobel – Updates on Lecanumab

Academic Year 2023-2024


09/18/2023 Monique Machado – Role of Peer Review Process

09/25/2023 Dr Petrea Rodica – Vascular Dementia

10/16/2023 Dr Lena Liu – Catamenial Epilepsy

10/30/2023 Dr Mark Knobel – Review of Clinical trials and VA/Infusion Protocols – Lecanumab **CME**

11/13/2023 Dr Anna Barrett – Spatial Neglect and Anosognosia after Right Brain Stroke **CME**

11/20/2023 Dr Angeliki Vgontsaz (BWH) – Updates on Migraine Management **CME**

12/11/2023 Dr David Greer (BMC) – Brain Death & Updated Guidelines **CME**

12/18/2023 Dr Mitchell Miglis (STANFORD) – My Patient's Dizzy, Now What?: A neurologist's approach to common autonomic disorders **CME**

01/22/2024 Dr Peter Novak (BWH) – Introduction to Dysautonomia **CME**

01/29/2024 Dr Hanna Noah – COVID related social isolation and its effects on the brain

02/26/2024 Dr Dmitry Esterov (MAYO) – TBI and related rehabilitation; chronic dizziness management **CME**

04/22/2024 Dr Amr Ellaithy – CBD: evidence for epilepsy

04/29/2024 Dr Ravishankar – Introduction to the ICU EEG

05/13/2024 Dr Rebecca Spain (PVAMC/OHSU) – Role of alpha Lipoic Acid in Neurological Disorders **CME**