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Trainee Resources

It is critical that all trainees comply with all VA policies and rules to ensure the safety and protection of trainees, veterans, and staff with whom they may interact while completing their VA Boston Healthcare System training.


Marianne Kane

Training Specialist

VA Boston health care



Avery Brick

Graduate Student Trainee

VA Boston health care




  • Trainee: A trainee is an individual who is obtaining education in an area of health care and is obtaining practical experience at a VA facility.
  • Compensated Trainee: A trainee who receives payment from the VA.
  • WOC(without compensation): A trainee who does not receive payment from the VA but may or may not receive payment from the affiliate institution.
  • Residents: An individual who is engaged in a graduate training program in medicine (which includes subspecialties, e.g., GI, cardiology, pulmonary medicine), psychiatry, surgery and its subspecialties, dentistry, podiatry, and optometry, and participates in patient care under the direction of supervising staff practitioners. The term resident includes individuals in approved subspecialty graduate medical education programs, who are typically referred to as "fellows."
  • Clinical Observer: Clinical observers are individuals who do not hold a license and are not under the auspices of an established educational program with an affiliated school or postgraduate training program and have 1) completed a high school degree or equivalent and are enrolled in a higher education training program, or 2) completed an Associates, Bachelors, or Post Graduate degree. A clinical observer may not perform any direct care activity.
  • Associated Health Professions: Physician Assistant, Physical Therapy, Respiratory Therapy, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Pharmacy, etc.

Medical Student Objectives

Trainee Applications

Preparing for a trainee / resident rotation

  • TMS-2.0 - In order to create a computer account, each Student Coordinator is required to submit a completed Request for Computer Access and Registration to obtain computer access for their incoming trainees. TMS-2.0  is a required part of the VA Credentialing process and must be submitted as a part of your credentialing packet.   Please refer to the TMS 2.0: Creation & Required Training Handout instructions below as your TMS guide. If you have any questions regarding TMS reach out to the Boston TMS team at
  • VA Police - Contact police to for arrangements with the parking information and to be issued a parking sticker. This is only required for personnel who will be here over 1 month. Other Trainees are not required to have parking passes, but are asked to park in employee parking when possible


This document will assist you in completing your applications:

Without Compensation (WOC) Trainees (not paid by VA)

All WOC (without compensation) resident and fellow applications will be completed online through the VA HPT On/Offboarding Portal. Please contact your affiliate program for more information or email

Compensated Trainees (paid directly by VA)

Students (undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral)

All student applications will be completed online through the VA HPT On/Offboarding Portal. Please contact your affiliate program for more information or email



Our observership program is currently paused.