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Returning service member care

VA Bronx health care provides health care and other benefits to the newest Veterans returning from service, even if you are still on active duty or an activated member of the National Guard or Reserve. Talk to a care coordinator about making use of your health care benefits.

Connect with a care coordinator

Tashany Myers RN

Transition Care Management Program Manager

VA Bronx health care

Phone: 718-584-9000, ext. 5872

Conrad Lewis

Post-9/11 Military2VA (M2VA) Program Assistant

VA Bronx health care

Phone: 718-584-9000, ext. 5299

Care we provide at VA Bronx health care

We can help you access service and benefit programs tailored to the needs of returning service members, including:

  • Polytrauma care
  • Rehabilitation
  • Mental health care
  • Counseling
  • Family benefits counseling
  • Referral assistance

Vet Centers

Vet Centers are counseling centers that help Veterans readjust after deployment. The Vet Center in the Bronx provides counseling for individuals, groups, married couples, and families. They also provide guidance and referrals for other VA and community resources.

Learn more about Vet Centers