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Comprehensive Integrated Inpatient Rehabilitation Program (CIIRP)

The comprehensive integrated inpatient rehabilitation program (CIIRP) is an inpatient rehabilitation program for Veteran survivors of serious injury or illness.

Our CIIRP/ASP offers a team approach, which includes the Veteran and their support system (family, caregiver, etc.). Together with our doctors, therapists, nurses, prosthetist, and other professionals, our Veterans can reach an optimal level of function and independence.

CIIRP/ASP services are provided at the James J. Peters VA Medical Center by licensed and credentialed rehabilitation professionals including: clinical care coordinators, occupational therapists, physiatrists, prosthetists, psychologists, physical therapists, chaplains, nutritionists, nurses, orthotists, kinesiotherapists, speech language pathologists, social workers, recreational therapists and others as needed.

Our Veterans are the most important members of the rehabilitation team.

Our mission

The mission of the Comprehensive Integrated Inpatient Rehabilitation Program (CIIRP) is to provide a comprehensive treatment program of rehabilitation services for veterans to restore and improve function to the highest possible level of independence, enhance quality of life and to assist the veteran in regaining as productive a role in society as is possible.


The mission set forth for this unit is based on the health care needs of the chronically ill and disabled veterans in this region and on the fundamental principles of physical medicine and rehabilitation.  These principles include the holistic approach, interdisciplinary team management, and restoration of physical and psychosocial function.

Program features

  • CARF accredited- inpatient medical rehabilitation
  • CARF accredited - amputation specialty program
  • Joint Commission accredited
  • Dedicated, specialized treatment staff
  • Individualized therapeutic activities
  • Participant and family education
  • Participant support group
  • On site access to comprehensive medical and surgical services
  • Onsite access to fully equipped ABC certified prosthetic lab
  • Individualized discharge planning
  • Driver evaluation and training program

Admission criteria for CIIRP/ASP

  • Must be medically stable
  • Must be able to participate in therapy 3 hours a day, 6 days a week
  • Must need at least two forms of therapy (PT/OT/SLP)
  • Must be alert and able to follow instructions consistently
  • Must be motivated, capable and willing to participate in therapy
  • Should have potential to significantly improve function or achieve independence
  • Should have potential to be discharged outside institutional setting

Participants may be admitted to the CIIRP for any of the following reasons:

  • Functional impairments requiring assistance in self-care, mobility, thinking skills, use of adaptive equipment, energy conservation, or safety techniques
  • Medical complications resulting in decreased function
  • Limited or no previous access to a full range of comprehensive rehabilitation services

Discharge criteria for CIIRP

Our goal is for our Veterans to reach the highest level of functional independence possible, so they can return home, to work and their social lives, with few to no obstacles.

However, in some cases it may be necessary to refer Veterans to alternate discharge settings that provide more appropriate levels of care, cueing and supervision. These decisions are based on current and/or anticipated needs of each Veteran at time of discharge.

CIIRP discharge criteria includes:

  • Veteran/family has met either all, or the majority of the established goals
  • Veteran is unable to tolerate the intensity/3 hours of therapy needed in acute rehab
  • Veteran is not making significant functional progress, is declining in functional status, or becomes medically unstable
  • Veteran unable to follow Admission agreement (disclosure)
  • Veteran/family declines services

CIIRP information flyer:

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Medical Director:

Dr. Mohammed Ahmed, MD

Co-Medical Director:

Dr. Heidi Klingbeil

CIIRP Program Manager:

Ryan Waldman, DPT