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Improve Your Health this New Year with Whole Health Coaching

U.S. Army Veteran Ethel Taltoan

U.S. Army Veteran Ethel “Evie” Taltoan has experienced many obstacles in her life—dysfunction, trauma, addiction, etc.—Whole Health Coaching is one thing that helps.

She recently started Whole Health Coaching at the Butler VA where she meets one-on-one with her coach every week to work on making healthy behavior changes.

Whole Health Coaching can help participants make meaningful progress toward health goals, reduce stress, and improve quality of life. Coaches work with Veterans one on one (and sometimes in groups) to help them in the following ways:

  • Develop a personalized health plan that is based on what matters most to the Veteran. The plan is based on the Veteran’s own goals, values, preferences and lifestyle.
  • Partner with the Veteran to proactively take action toward behavior change that is present and future oriented.
  • Recognize that health is much broader than the absence of disease. The emphasis is on health enhancements and strengths rather than disorders and weaknesses.
  • Seek to support the Veteran in achieving the Veteran’s standard of optimal health that takes into account the mental, physical and social well-being of the Veteran.

“My Whole Health Coach helps provide me structure and guidelines to do the things I have not been doing. The structure really helps me learn,” shared Evie. “The most helpful areas for me so far have been setting goals, self-affirmations, and journaling.”

Evie plans to continue Whole Health Coaching into the New Year and highly recommends Veterans give it a try. For the New Year, Evie is also hoping to pursue training to become a Peer Support Specialist to ultimately help other Veterans. “I want Veterans to know that you can overcome whatever it is you have been through with the right help, counseling, and direction.”

Evie also wants other Veterans to know that asking for help is not a weakness. It is not weak to say: ‘I am struggling, I need assistance, could someone show me the way.’ I have learned it is a strength to acknowledge you do need help and to get the help you need—and the VA has help available!”

Do you think you might benefit from Whole Health Coaching? Talk to your Butler VA team today or call the Butler VA’s Whole Health Coach directly at 878-271-6717. Help is available.

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