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E-CORE | Emergency Continuity of Care Guide

Not all natural disasters or emergencies occur during hurricane season, neither all of them can be watched or monitored, so even when institutions may design a comprehensive emergency management plan, there can be gaps between theoretical plans and the realities experienced in the aftermath of an event.

E-CORE Toolbox is the result of a research project “Using a community-based approach to explore resiliency and global health during an unexpected natural disaster impacting insular Veterans residing in rural areas: Impact on continuity of care for vulnerable patients with chronic health conditions” after a 6.4 Earthquake in Puerto Rico in 2020.  It incorporates specific items and actions that were necessary in outreach deployments and that were created combining the lessons learned from former emergency management response. Tips offered by this tool may be used and translated to other types of disasters (nature related, human related, technology related).


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Collecting Data and Reporting References