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VA Caribbean Healthcare System Construction Updates

The VA Caribbean Healthcare System is consistently improving access to Veterans by investing in infrastructure, updates to existing facilities and acquiring new sites that improve the quality of care provided to our Nation's Heroes in the Caribbean.

VA Heroes Domiciliary Program

Project: VA Heroes Domiciliary

Description: The proposed Lease will have 52,000 net usable square feet and will include two  programs:

Residential treatment Program (Domiciliary) - This program consists of 40  residential beds. The program is designed to function as a Long-term residential rehabilitation program for veterans in order to promote the development of new  skills and attitudes needed to live independently in the community. Psychosocial

Recovery Program (PRRC) - This program provides community based, recovery oriented, skill building interventions and supports for Veteran’s  with serious and persistent mental illness and/or substance abuse.

Financial/Budget information: Build-out costs currently at $8,666,661 | Full-service rent: $4,443,577 annually.

Project Status:

  • Lease contract awarded September 30, 2019.
  • Construction Documents completed FY20, Q4.
  • Estimated Lease Acceptance – FY22, Q3
  • Estimated Activation Completion -  three months after Lease Acceptance
  • Currently, OGPe permit for the project issued 06/24/2021; the Contractor’s mobilization started 07/12/2021.  
  • A Groundbreaking Ceremony was held on 10/16/2021.
  • Construction completion at 25%. 
Fisher House San Juan Project

Project: Acquire Land for the San Juan Fisher House

Description: Project No. 672-304 Minor Project: Acquire Land for the San Juan Fisher House: This to purchase land near the San Juan VA Medical Center that will be later developed for a Fisher House. Fisher House will serve as a home away from home for veterans and their families, providing lodging to veterans receiving outpatient medical care and to family members of hospitalized veterans.

Financial/Budget information: $6,356,000.00

Project Status: Estimated Completion Date: FY 2024, Q1

Phase 1:  Land acquisition completed 3/25/21.

Phase 2: Fisher House construction (timeline to be determined). Fisher House Foundation completes construction and building is turned over to VA.

Within next 30 days: Solicitation assigned to contracting.

Within next 60 days: Procurement evaluation.

Within next 90 days: Site prep D/B award FY22 Q4.