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Benefits of Group Therapy Sessions for PTSD

Dr. Yahaira M Patin - PTSD2023

At the Emotional Trauma Recovery Center, we offer different group treatment alternatives that can help you manage your PTSD and other trauma-related symptoms.

After the traumatic event, the person begins to think differently about himself and the world around him. This can contribute to avoidance symptoms, and often to feeling misunderstood by others. Group Therapy offers multiple benefits for your mental health, among them are:

  • Strengthening support and motivation network
  • Reduce isolation
  • Increases social skills and emotional connection
  • Learn coping skills
  • Safe space to express emotions
  • Greater self-awareness
  • Increased cognitive flexibility
  • Exposure to different perspectives
  • Developing empathy and understanding
  • Opportunity to practice communication skills

Learn about some of the experiences of our Veterans after participating in Cognitive Processing Group Therapy at the Emotional Trauma Recovery Clinic.

Veteran Luis Mendez Rivera - "When I got to the clinic I was at zero percent and couldn't take it anymore. The group therapy offered at the Emotional Trauma Recovery Clinic helped me find peace of mind. They helped me develop new skills to control my emotions, I achieved a balance between my thoughts and behaviors. Now I feel more capable of facing the events of daily life. I have learned to be tolerant and compassionate towards Veterans and others" Click Here to access Veterans Photo on Social Media

Veteran Gabriel De La Cruz - "Therapy does work! The group opened the doors to new possibilities, I didn't feel judged. I have learned to forgive myself and others, which is the beginning of human quality. Now I have tools that I can use every day." Click Here to access Veterans Photo on Social Media

Veteran Ramon Vélez - "I have achieved many positive things! This therapy has helped me to bring out those memories within me, the group was very good, listening to other veterans helped me to free myself and get rid of stress. Now I can control my anger better and deal with the memories." Click Here  to access Veterans Photo on Social Media