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CAVHCS Centennial Memorial Day Interfaith Service at the Tuskegee Campus

Imam Mustafa Ali
Imam Mustafa Ali, Islamic Community Center of Tuskegee, reads from the Holy Quran during Centennial Memorial Day Interfaith Service on May 19. The event pays tribute to fallen Veterans and commemorates the historic Tuskegee Campus. (Photo by Robin Johnson, CAVHCS Public Affairs)

CAVHCS hosted a Centennial Memorial Day Interfaith Service on May 19 to pay tribute to fallen Veterans and commemorate the historic Tuskegee Campus. This event unfolded in the sacred confines of the CAVHCS Chapel, nestled in Building 93 on the revered Tuskegee Campus.

"In 1923, what is now the East Campus of Central Alabama started as the only healthcare facility created for Black Veterans who valiantly served and returned from battle but could not receive care for their wounds in the segregated South," said Dr. Kelly Wood, Interim Associate Director.

The roots of the Tuskegee Campus trace back to the remarkable legacy of the Tuskegee Institute, known today as Tuskegee University. This prestigious institution, founded in 1881, played a pivotal role in the education and empowerment of African Americans. In the face of persistent racial segregation during the early 20th century, the need for a dedicated medical facility for African American Veterans became urgent.

Since its inception, the Tuskegee Campus has steadfastly committed to providing exemplary healthcare services to Veterans, embodying compassion and fostering an environment of inclusivity. Throughout the years, the campus has blossomed, expanding its facilities and capabilities to cater to the evolving needs of the Veteran community.

Today, CAVHCS stands as an unwavering bastion of comprehensive healthcare, offering a broad spectrum of specialized services and programs that uplift the well-being of Veterans.

The Centennial Memorial Day Interfaith Service held at Tuskegee Campus was an awe-inspiring occasion, aligning poignantly with the 100th anniversary of this venerable institution. It served as an emotional tribute, encompassing the brave Veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice.

"The Last Roll Call of Remembrance, a soul-stirring ceremony, resounded through the very essence of the Tuskegee Campus, reverently honoring the Veteran patients who had departed in the preceding six months, their names forever etched in the sacred annals of history," said CAVHCS Director/CEO Amir Farooqi.

Moreover, the occasion presented an opportunity for profound introspection as attendees gathered to reflect on the indomitable spirit of those brave Veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice in the nation's defining conflicts over the past century.

The Centennial Memorial Day Interfaith Service at Tuskegee Campus transcended mere commemoration; it encapsulated an overwhelming outpouring of raw emotion.

"It stood as an enduring testament to the unwavering dedication of the campus staff, volunteers, and community in preserving a legacy that exemplifies service, progress, and unity. It served as a poignant reminder of the institution's pivotal role in dismantling barriers, providing essential care, and nurturing an environment where every Veteran feels embraced and valued," said Farooqi.

We are committed to ensuring the Tuskegee Campus forever be a beacon of hope, a sanctuary of healing, and a symbol of the unwavering dedication to our beloved Veterans. Together, we will ensure that their legacy lives on, shining brightly for generations to come.

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