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John L. McClellan Front Entrance Project

The John L. McClellan Memorial Veterans Hospital in Little Rock is getting a major face lift as construction is set to begin on a new main entrance that will modernize the building, provide easier drop-off of patients, and add important security measures. The $8.7 million project is slated to take about 15 months for completion and will be accomplished in five phases. The project will close the hospital’s south entrance for about nine months as part of the 4th phase. Parking will be affected in the hospital’s south lots.

New physical security measures New traffic flow and patient drop-off areas New clear signage and two-lane, one-way traffic flow New Contemplation and Healing gardens New flag plaza dedicated to military and Veterans Covered drop-off and pedestrian areas $8.7 million project cost Construction begins in late November to early December Will take 15 months to completion Architectural: JohnsonDanforth & Associates Construction: A4 Services Five phases

New main entrance highlights

  • New physical security that includes:

    • Anti-ram bollards; anchored planters; anchored benches; increased lighting; no vehicle parking within 50 feet of the building; call boxes in the parking areas.

  • New traffic flow and patient drop-off:

    • Two-lane, one-way, flow of traffic with covered drop-off areas; covered connectivity between new main entrance and north entrance (near Emergency Department); dedicated parking for emergency vehicles and shuttle busses; three-way intersection allowing for entry into parking areas or easy exit from facility.
  • New signage and traffic flow:

    • Drop-off areas clearly marked for quick access to specific clinical areas; roadway marked for clear traffic flow; easy entrance off West 7th Street and closer to Pine Street exit from I-630; new main entrance monument sign reflecting new design; 24 directional and drop-off signs.
  • New Contemplation and Healing gardens:

    • Providing an aesthetically beautiful area for walking, visiting, relaxing, and reflecting; uses natural shade vegetation, trees, and shrubs; adds trees and shrubs throughout the entry and exits, and in parking areas, adding natural beauty to the facility.
  • New flag plaza:

    • Prominent placement leading to new entrance; viewable from I-630; benches and flowers; dedicated to military branches and major conflicts.
  • Covered drop-off and pedestrian areas:

    • Lengthy drop-off area to ease congestion; covered walking from vehicle to entry; brightly lit during evening hours.

New main entrance construction phases

  • Phase 1 to 3: Renovate ground floor Research laboratories to accommodate a temporary relocation of the Veterinary Medical Unit (VMU).
  • Phase 4a:  Remove and relocate solar panel sections and install temporary fence barriers.
  • Phase 4b:  Install temporary fencing around main construction site and install walkway allowing Veterans and visitors to safely enter the facility through parking areas.   Closure of south entrance for approximately nine months -- main phase of project.
  • Phase 4c:  Final construction.  New main entrance and parking areas will be fully operational.
  • Phase 5:  Relocation of VMU back to original location.
Artist rendering of new main entrance at night.