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Our Strategic Plan 2022-2025

Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare System is taking real steps to create and maintain an environment of safety, exceptional care, and skilled staff. This is our strategic plan to provide Veterans the very best in care, and our staff the very best working environment.

John L. McClellan Memorial Veterans Hospital and the Eugene J. Towbin VA Medical Center

Our Strategic Plan 2022-2025

Goal 1: Provide high quality, highly-reliable, safe, and value-based health care to Veterans.

Goal 2: Provide timely access to Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare System services.

Goal 3: Be the health care system of choice for Veterans by building a skilled, engaged and diverse workforce.


Goal - Quality, Safety, and Value
  1. Spread standard business and clinical practices throughout the organization to improve response to crisis.
  2. Implement best practices and learning for mental health and suicide prevention.
  3. Implement a whole health system
  4. Use innovation strategies to address preventive care gaps.
  5. Maintain standards for health care to ensure accreditation and compliance with regulatory bodies.
  6. Effectively manage the unexpected.
  7. Effective implementation of a VA COVID vaccination plan.
  8. Improve business acumen.
  9. Promptly address noteworthy findings from internal and external audits and reviews, including Joint Commission, Long Term Care Institute, Office of Inspector General, Office of the Medical Inspector and others.
  10. Drive the efficient and effective use of resources across the enterprise; effective use of scarce resources; improve efficiency and productivity.
Goal -Improved access
  1. Use innovation strategies to address preventive care gaps.
  2. Improve Community Care operations through optimal consult management.
  3. Support caregivers with services they need most.
  4. Improve access to ambulatory care services.
  5. Train clinicians and expand use of telehealth.
  6. Improve length of stay and throughput.
  7. Improve care transition.
  8. Improve access to care.
Goal - Health care system of choice
  1. Lead change.
  2. Lead people - build an inclusive workplace; recruit, retain, and develop talent for a high-quality and diverse workforce.
  3. Engage all employees.
  4. Promote the principles of a High Reliability Organization (HRO).
  5. Protect whistleblowers.
  6. Commitment to equal opportunity, diversity, and inclusion.
  7. Build coalitions through feedback from internal and external stakeholders, qualitative data on customer experiences.
  8. Commitment to excellence in customer experience.
  9. Engage with the community as part of VHA's 4th mission.VA Strategic Planning - VA Enterprise Architecture