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Medical Foster Homes

When living at home becomes difficult, most people would rather remain in a home-like setting than move to a nursing home. In moments like this, the VA Medical Foster Home (MFH) program is here to help. Medical Foster Home (MFH), through partnering with Home Based Primary Care provides an alternative to nursing home placement. It provides an alternative to a Veteran who may be chronically or terminally ill with limited social support by offering a home and family setting for their long term care needs.

The Benefits 

  • Maintains the Veteran in a safe / therapeutic environment
  • Provides an alternative to living alone
  • Provides long term care in the home, including end of life care
  • Offers personal care in a home setting
  • Provides support through Home Based Primary Care  

Medical Foster Home Environment

  • Private/semi private rooms
  • Caring relationship within the home
  • 24-hour supervision
  • Choice
  • Flexible daily routine
  • Stable and safe home setting
  • Pets (optional)
  • Three meals/snacks daily
  • Socialization and recreation
  • Personalized care
  • Medication management
  • Other care and support as needed

Contact care coordinator

Medical Foster Care Coordinator

Holly Olsen