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New warehouse will allow better care for Veterans in Central Iowa

New warehouse ribbon cutting

New facility is connected to Medical Center

For years, VA Central Iowa kept their supplies in their warehouse space, that just happened to be down the hill and in a separate building from the main hospital.

With the opening of this new warehouse, hospital supplies will be more accessible and can be delivered more quickly than was possible before.

“This facility will help us improve our processes and procedures,” said Stacie Halverson, Chief of Logistics at VA Central Iowa Health Care in Des Moines. “We now have rapid roll-up doors, enclosed dock, and the vital connection to the main facility. This is an exciting time for our Logistics Department.”

In addition to being connected to the hospital, the new facility is larger than the previous warehouse with around 10 thousand square feet of storage space compared to around 6 thousand before.

The new space also conforms to all the VA requirements for physical security, safety, and fire suppression.

“This facility will also allow better access for staff,” said Lisa Curnes, Medical Center Director. “We now have new benefits and the new location. And that means better care for our Veterans, and that is the most important feature of all.”

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