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Columbus VA now offers Pharmacogenomic Testing for Veterans, also known as PHASER. PHASER helps providers determine which medications may be most effective for Veterans based on their genetics.

PHASER is a clinical program, not a research study. PHASER is free and only requires one blood test. 

What is PHASER?

PHASER is a one-time blood test available to all enrolled Veterans at Columbus VA. Results are typically available in two weeks. 

How does PHASER work?

Every person responds differently to medications based on their unique genetic make-up. The goal of PHASER is to prescribe medications based on your genetics. This can improve drug effectiveness and minimize adverse drug reactions. 

What are the benefits of PHASER?

PHASER testing can reduce costs on ineffective medications, reduce medication trial and error, reduce hospitalizations caused by adverse reactions and reduce opioid exposure. 

PHASER looks at these areas of care: Mental Health, Pain Management, Infectious Disease, Oncology, Cardiovascular, GI and transplant Immunosuppressants. PHASER is not ideal for someone with a liver or bone marrow transplant.

Next steps

Veterans interested in receiving the PHASER blood test should reach out to their primary care provider. 

For more information about PHASER in general, please reach out to Tay Burr-Al Muhagry, pharmacy program specialist, at