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Trainee Onboarding

As Health Professions Trainees prepare for their rotation at Columbus VA there are various requirements to complete in advance. Timely onboarding is important in ensuring rotation dates are not delayed and trainees are able to have the full intended educational experience.

Trainee onboarding consists of paperwork completion, mandatory online training and fingerprinting. 

Depending on what type of trainee you are, requirements may vary.


28 days before your rotation

All onboarding requirements should be completed at least 28 days in advance. If you anticipate not meeting this deadline for any reason, contact trainee onboarding liaison,, as soon as possible. 

Without Compensation (WOC) Trainees

Most trainees...

VA Paid Trainees

Few trainees are directly paid by VA and are onboarded through Human Resources and Academic Affairs

Trainees who fall into this category are:

  • Audiology Externs
  • Optometry Residents
  • Pharmacy Residents
  • Psychology Doctoral Interns
  • Social Work MSW Interns (Year 2 MSW students &  ASAP Students)


Dual-Status Trainees

Dual-Status Trainees are any current VA employee who elects to do a rotation at VA as part of their academic program. This is most commonly nursing employees. 

  • Dual-Status trainees are expected to take time off to complete their training hours
  • Dual-Status training experiences may be clinical, research, or administrative
  • Dual-Status trainees will not be permitted to train in their current work department