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Trainee Onboarding

As Health Professions Trainees prepare for their rotation at Columbus VA there are various requirements to complete in advance. Timely onboarding is important in ensuring rotation dates are not delayed and trainees are able to have the full intended educational experience.

Trainee onboarding can be broken into online training, fingerprinting and paperwork completion.

Follow the steps below and use the forms at the bottom of the page to guide you. 


  1. Online Training

    Create Talent Management System (TMS) account immediately, or log into pre-existing TMS account. Email with account information or any issues. 

    Do this approximately 60 days before your rotation begins. 

    Instructions for creating TMS account, and which specific course to take, are linked at the bottom of the page.

    Complete the Mandatory Training for Trainees (MTT) course at least 30 days before your rotation begins. 

    Do not do any other training aside from the MTT, unless specifically told to. This includes the MTT-refresher, Privacy and HIPPA training, Government Ethics Report or the FISMA requirement. 

    You can complete the "refresher" course if you have done the MTT before. You do not need to complete the refresher course immediately after doing the initial course. Please only do the training once per year. 

  2. Fingerprint Appointment

    Schedule a time to meet with me for a fingerprinting appointment, Mon. - Fri. 7:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. (excluding federal holidays)

    Fingerprints should be done as soon as possible, but no more than 90 days before the first rotation day at VA.

    Review the List of Acceptable Documents at the bottom of this page. 

    • Two forms of ID are required for VA fingerprinting
    • Make sure your documents are not expired, and will not expire before you begin your rotation

    For HPTs not local to the Columbus area, fingerprinting can be completed at another VA. To arrange this contact for the Columbus VA site-specific codes you will need. 

  3. Paperwork Completion

    Bring completed paperwork to fingerprinting appointment or send to before fingerprint appointment. 

    Paperwork requirements vary slightly based on training type and level. Review the documents below to see which items you'll need to complete.

    1. SF 10-2850d, Application for Health Professions Trainees - required for all HPTs 
    2. OF-306, Declaration of Federal Employment - required for all HPTs
    3. Without compensation (WOC) letter - required for unpaid HPTs
    4. Without compensation / disbursement letter - required for disbursement paid HPTs
    5. Drug test acknowledgment form - required for all positions except social work, nutrition, occupational therapy, optometry, audiology, speech pathology, clinical pastoral education and administration 

    All required forms are on the bottom of the page. 

21 days before your rotation

All onboarding requirements should be completed at least 21 days in advance. If you anticipate not meeting this deadline for any reason, contact trainee onboarding liaison,, as soon as possible.