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The Ralph H. Johnson VA Releases the Nation’s First Groundbreaking AI-Powered Health Coach App


April 24, 2024

Charleston , SC — The Ralph H. Johnson VA Health Care System is releasing a cutting edge, AI-powered health app called the Next Level Personal Health Coach, a first of its kind, taking Veteran health care to the next level.

Next Level personalizes the engagement experience for the individual Veteran, providing them with a catered experience for their health journey. The app constantly checks whether a risk (of any chronic condition that the patient is dealing with) is trending up, staying flat, or sloping downward.

 The Next Level app is a pilot program (launched by the Charleston and San Francisco VAs) that is a sophisticated platform using metrics to understand each Veteran’s motivations and abilities, while nudging them towards healthier behavior. The AI portion of the app manages connectivity and the engagement experience, while clinical staff will focus on the individual health needs of the Veteran. 

The Ralph H. Johnson VA HCS, having distinguished itself as a long-standing national leader in quality and innovation understands the importance of supporting Veterans outside of the health care facility since they are far more impacted by factors beyond the doctor’s office. “The biggest gap in health care today is the time when our patients are not interacting with their health care system,” explained Chief Health Informatics Officer and Physician Executive at the Ralph H. Johnson VA, Dr. Cole Zanetti. “Having the ability to seamlessly nudge our Veterans through behavioral decisions, provides support toward better health that will allow us to close that gap.”

The goal of Next Level, for the Charleston VA is to connect Veterans at their point of need digitally with their care team and provide coaching as needed. The Ralph H. Johnson VA Health Care System continually seeks avenues for enhancing the quality of care provided to Veterans and empowering them to move toward their larger goal of better health.

 Registering is free, easy and user-friendly. Next Level is available for download in app stores today, just use the keywords: “Mymobemap next level.” 

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