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Biosafety Committee

The Subcommittee Research Safety-Institutional Biosafety Committee (SRS/IBC) is a subcommittee of the Research and Development Committee that includes members that are representative of Research Service. The Safety Officer for the Strom Thurmond Building is also a member of the SRS-IBC.

The SRS-IBC is responsible for coordinating the safety program in all designated research areas. It ensures that quarterly safety inspections are conducted, safety training is provided, accidents are reported and investigated, and safety questions are addressed in a timely manner. Employees are encouraged to notify any member of the SRS-IBC of unsafe conditions or other issues related to safety.

The SRS-IBC is responsible for reviewing written safety plans, procedures including use of biohazards, and policies of the Research Service to ensure these programs are in compliance with the requirements of the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations (JCAHO) and VA standards.

The SRS-IBC is responsible for reviewing the safety aspects of all studies. This includes the storage, use and disposal of chemicals, radioisotopes, microbial agents, recombinant DNA, human tissues/specimens, biological toxins, non-microbial agents, and physical agents. The SRS members with biosafety expertise review those grant proposals in which biohazards or potential biohazards are used. All laboratory studies that are to be conducted at the Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center, regardless of funding source, must be reviewed and approved by the SRS-IBC before implementation of the study.

Meeting Dates

Month Submission Deadline SRSS Meeting
Month January Submission Deadline 1/21/20 SRSS Meeting 1/28/20
Month Feburary Submission Deadline 2/18/20 SRSS Meeting 2/25/20
Month March Submission Deadline 03/16/20 SRSS Meeting 03/24/20
Month April Submission Deadline 04/20/20 SRSS Meeting 04/28/20
Month May Submission Deadline 05/18/20 SRSS Meeting 05/26/20
Month June Submission Deadline 06/15/20 SRSS Meeting 06/23/20
Month July Submission Deadline 07/20/20 SRSS Meeting 07/28/20
Month August Submission Deadline 08/17/20 SRSS Meeting 08/25/20
Month September Submission Deadline 09/14/20 SRSS Meeting 09/22/20
Month October Submission Deadline 10/19/20 SRSS Meeting 10/27/20
Month November Submission Deadline 11/16/20 SRSS Meeting 11/24/20
Month December Submission Deadline 12/8/20 SRSS Meeting 12/15/20