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Become a Volunteer & Make a Difference

The Center for Development of Civic Engagement (CDCE) works with the local community and donors from various organizations to provide more resources and funds to enhance the Veteran’s Experience. CDCE does what they can to find a way to say, “YES” to better serve those who have served. The CDCE coordinates volunteers and donations to run the food pantry, provide Veterans with transportation to their appointments, shuttles Veterans in the VA parking lot, takes care of the garden, assists with Produce for a Purpose and more. All of this couldn’t be done without the volunteers who help run these programs. When you become a part of CDCE, you become a part of the impact, you become a part of the solution, and most importantly you become a part of the experience.

If you know of any outside organizations that would like to partner with the CDCE or know of any volunteers who would like to donate their time, contact our team.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Produce for a Purpose - Distributing vegetables to our Veterans, or picking up and unloading vegetables (this is seasonal)
  • Information Desk/Escort - Help Veterans get to and from their appointments or provide them with the latest information about the facility
  • Technology Support - Assist Veterans with setting up email and educate them on how to use their mobile devices or computers
  • Facility Beautification - Pulling weeds, planting flowers and assisting with the summer garden
  • Shuttle Drivers - Help our Veterans get to and from their appointment from the parking lot
  • Food Pantry - Helping those who are in need of assistance with food. The Pantry is supplied by donations from outside organizations and individuals such as yourself. This is a valuable resource that is available to our Veterans, If you would like to donate to the pantry please call

There are plenty of other areas for people to volunteer, connect with a CDCE Specialist to see what your VA Facility has to offer.

Contact Us

Telephone: 307-778-7317

Northern Colorado VA Clinic CDCE:
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Cheyenne VA Health Care System CDCE:
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