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VA Chillicothe health care top stories.

Be Involved in Your Health Care: Ask About Low Blood Sugars

If you have diabetes, talk with your health care team about selecting a safe and effective blood glucose target range that is based on your own goals, priorities, and lifestyle

Patient having blood sugar tested.

April is Stress Awareness Month

Stress is a natural physical, mental, and emotional reaction to a situation or event. Likely your body can handle the short-term effects of these reactions, but prolonged stressful situations can have a lasting and negative impact on your health.

head silhouette with sunset in the middle

February is Heart Health Month

Heart disease is the number one cause of death for women in the U.S., yet many women aren’t aware of this.

Hands holding a heart shape

New Year - New You

Holiday time is the time of the year when we indulge in the tradition of eating, drinking and being merry! But after the holiday season ends the challenge of losing that holiday cheer around our waistline begins.

Stanely's weight loss results

Celebrating 102 Years!

Being born at the end of World War I and just before the Great Depression, one could say that Harlan’s life is full of history.

Harlan Plummer_12_16