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Benjamin Dillon Picture

Benjamin Dillon MBA

Assistant Director

VA Cincinnati health care


Ben Dillon, MBA, was appointed Assistant Medical Center Director for the Cincinnati VA Medical Center on November 6, 2022.

Mr. Dillon is a 2008 alumni of the University of Cincinnati where he completed his undergraduate majoring in Operations Management. He continued his education with a concentration in Medical Administration from Indiana Wesleyan University in 2011, with a Master’s in Business Administration. Mr. Dillon received his Lean Six Sigma certification from Villanova University in 2014, holds FAC P/PM senior level certification, and is COR level III certified.   


Ben started his Federal Service in May 2001 in the U.S. Army as a Civil Affairs Specialist. After completing various deployments to Afghanistan, East Africa, and several European countries, Ben finished his military service in May 2008 as an Intelligence Analyst at Wright Patterson Air Force Base. Following his military service, Ben started his VA career in 2008 at the Cincinnati VAMC as a Program Support Assistant in Research Service. He entered the VA supply chain/logistics community in VISN 10 as a Technical Career Field Intern in September 2012 and graduated from the program in September 2014.  He is also very familiar with the Supply Chain staff, as he was the Chief of Materiel Management from April 2015 to March 2016. Ben was officially appointed as Chief, Supply Chain Management Service, at the Cincinnati VAMC, effective September 17, 2017. 


Ben truly cherishes the opportunity to return to Cincinnati to build on the current successes within Supply Chain Management Service, and looks forward to making it the most effective and efficient service in the nation, to provide the highest quality care possible to his fellow Veterans.