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Caregiver support

VA Coatesville health care offers a number of services to support you and the Veteran you care for. Ask a caregiver support coordinator to help you find what you need, whether it's in-home help, someone to listen, or anything in between.

Connect with a support coordinator

To connect with a support coordinator, call 610-384-7711, ext. 3004

Care we provide at VA Coatesville

If you are a caregiver for a Veteran, you can get support by contacting a VA Coatesville caregiver support coordinator. We can help with:

  • Getting caregiver assistance available through VA
  • Matching you with services and benefits
  • Connecting you with local resources and programs

What services are offered for Veterans

  • Adult Day Health Care Services
  • Home Based Primary Care
  • Homemaker and Home Health Aide
  • Home Telehealth
  • Home Hospice Care
  • Skilled Home Care
  • Respite Care Home modifications

VA Caregiver Support Line

The Caregiver Support Line is available if you need support outside of the Coatesville region, have questions about caregiver support services nationwide, or just need someone to listen right now.

Phone: 855-260-3274

What resources are offered for caregivers

  • Education and training, and caregiver support group opportunities are offered
  • General caregiver telephone support group
  • Veterans with multiple sclerosis call
  • Family and friends of Veterans with PTSD support group
  • Caregivers Coffee and Chat
  • Yoga for Caregivers
  • Stress management for caregivers
  • Dementia Competencies at Home, educational program
  • Annual Caregiver Support Conference