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The Coatesville VAMC research program is a vital part of the national VA research enterprise system.

Volunteer to participate

VA researchers wouldn't be able to make the advancements they do without help from the volunteers who take part in studies. Contribute to VA's medical advancements by participating in research.

If you decide to volunteer for a research study, you can change your mind at any time. Your decision to participate (or not) will not affect your VA benefits.

Prefer to talk? Call the Coatesville VA Research Office using the number below.

Research opportunities

Learn about the opportunities at Coatesville VAMC by seeing which projects we are actively recruiting for volunteers.

Explore more volunteer opportunities at other VA sites by going to Find VA-Sponsored Clinical Trials Near You



Research partnerships to improve and enhance the health and healthcare of Veterans is a priority for the Coatesville VAMC. We welcome and encourage partnerships with VA intramural researchers and with researchers from outside of the VA.

At the local level, Coatesville VAMC has partnered with several academic institutions including University of Pennsylvania, University of West Chester, Temple University, Rutgers University, Villanova University, and Drexel University. For further information and resources, for conducting research or for research determinations click here.

Coatesville VAMC is home to the VISN 4 Multi-site Institutional Review Board (IRB) and serves as the IRB of record for the Coatesville, Wilkes-Barre, and the Wilmington VA Medical Centers. This collaboration allows for a single review process for projects conducted at two or more of the sites and provides an opportunity for expertise to come together and share ideas.

To explore research partnership opportunities, contact the Coatesville VA Research Office.


Coatesville VAMC Research Office
610-384-7711, ext. 5127