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Healthy Teaching Kitchen

Truman VA's Healthy Teaching Kitchen coordinator wants every Veteran to know that healthy meals can be flavorful and delicious. Check out the tasty recipes we whipped up in our kitchen!

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Photo; Pancakes with berries with the word
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Photo; a colorful salad with berries on a table with
Photo; side dishes of food on the right side of the screen, with Side Dishes on the left.


Meal Plan Recipes

Meal planning can seem daunting, but have no fear, Truman VA is here! We have put together a meal plan by week, including grocery list for you to make healthy yet tasty meals. 

Week 1 Meal Plan

Week 1 Recipes


Week 2 Meal Plan

Week 2 Recipes


Week 3 Meal Plan

Week 3 Recipes


Week 4 Meal Plan

Week 4 Recipes


Stay tuned for more videos and recipes from Truman VA's Healthy Teaching Kitchen Department.