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Mobile Prosthetic & Orthotic Care (MoPOC)

MoPOC offers state of the art, accessible prosthetic and orthotic (P&O) services for rural-based Veterans and those who experience barriers traveling to VA facilities. MoPOC brings convenient and comfortable P&O specialty care to VA Community Based Outpatient Clinics (CBOCs) and Veterans’ homes. Mobile units are staffed by VA Certified Prosthetists/Orthotists and equipped with a suite of tools and technologies to deliver onsite, seamless care. Veteran services include the fabrication, modification and fitting of custom prosthetic and orthotic devices.


MoPOC addresses Veteran health and travel limitations by providing accessible care at locations that feel safe and comfortable to the Veteran. Pilot work has already saved Veterans over 4500 miles of travel.


MoPOC is structured to serve patients closer to home with the critical services they need most. Veteran patients report increased satisfaction with care and increased trust in VA.


MoPOC reduces costs for Veterans and the delivery of VA care. MoPOC averages 48% savings compared to community care.

Columbia VAHCS MoPOC Rotational Schedule

Monday: Florence CBOC
Tuesday: Orangeburg CBOC
Wednesday: Florence CBOC
Thursday: Administrative Day
Friday: No Travel Day