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Inpatient Visitor Policy Update


December 29, 2021

West Haven , CT — VA Connecticut Healthcare System has amended inpatient visitation until further notice in response to the COVID-19 Omicron variant surge to protect patients and staff caring for patients:

  • Patients receiving hospice or end of life care may have up to two designated adult visitors per day for up to two hours. No swapping.  The designated visitors need to be identified to the inpatient team prior to arriving to visit.
  • No visitors on inpatient mental health wards who are not hospice or end of life care.
  • No visitors on the medical/surgical units without prior approval through the treating team.
  • Visits to the Community Living Center must be approved in advance by contacting the center at 203-932-5711 ext. 2278 or 1660.

We understand this suspension places a hardship on patients, family members, and loved ones. We believe this pause will help us contain the spread of transmission. To ensure communication remains open, our staff can facilitate virtual visits using mobile devices.

The visitation policy will be amended in response to the pandemic with the pause lifted as soon as we can safely do so. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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