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Current disability compensation rates

Review current VA disability compensation rates, and learn what factors may affect your monthly payments.

Factors that may affect your monthly compensation payments

Can I get increased payments if I have a severe disability or dependents?

Yes. We may increase your monthly payments if one or more of the below is true: 

  • You have a very severe disability or loss of limb, or
  • You have a spouse, child, or dependent parent and your combined disability rating is 30% or greater, or
  • You have a spouse with a serious disability

Is there anything else that might affect my compensation amount?

Yes. Your compensation may end up being less than it otherwise would be if either of the below is true: 

  • You receive military retirement pay, disability severance pay, or separation pay, or
  • You're incarcerated in a federal, state, or local facility for more than 60 days for conviction of a felony

Does VA give cost-of-living increases for disability compensation payments?

Yes. We’re required by law to match the percentage of cost-of-living adjustments made to Social Security benefits. These adjustments help to make sure that the purchasing power of your benefits keeps up with inflation.

Get the latest cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) information on the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) website