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Exposure through Project 112 or Project SHAD

If you have a health condition caused by your participation in chemical and biological warfare testing through Project 112 or Project Shipboard Hazard and Defense (SHAD), you may be eligible for VA disability compensation. Compensation provides tax-free monthly payments. Keep reading to find out if you may be eligible.

Am I eligible for VA disability compensation?

You may be eligible for disability compensation if you meet both of these requirements.

Both of these must be true:

  • You were part of Project 112 or Project SHAD testing from 1962 to 1974, and
  • You have a health condition believed to be caused by the testing

Note: If you get a disability rating, you may also be eligible for VA health care and other benefits. 

How do I file a claim for compensation?

You can file a claim online now. You can also file by mail, in person, or with the help of a trained professional. 

File for disability compensation online

Learn about other ways to file a disability compensation claim

You can also call the VA Special Issue Hotline at 800-749-8387. We’re here Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. ET.

How can I learn more about Project 112 or Project SHAD?

If you were part of Project 112 or Project SHAD from 1962 to 1974 and want to know more about a certain test site, ship, or unit, check the declassified Defense Department fact sheets.

Get declassified Defense Department fact sheets from

You can also call the Defense Health Agency exposure information hotline at 800-497-6261 for any of these reasons:

  • You want to know if you may have been part of the tests
  • You have information that can help prove you were part of the tests
  • You have other questions about the tests