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Find phone numbers and contact information at Durham VA Healthcare System for frequently requested services like patient advocates, medical records, billing and insurance, and more.

There are many ways for Veterans to make appointments.

If you don’t have VA health care benefits, you can apply now. Apply for VA health care.
If you’re having a medical emergency, please call 911 or call the Veterans Crisis Line at 1-800-273-8255, then press 1 
VA now offers online appointment scheduling for some appointments. We hope to expand the number of VA facilities and types of appointments in the future. 
Follow the instructions on this page on how to make an appointment by phone at this facility.

Schedule an Appointment

Schedule your appointment with a VA medical facility that accepts online schedulingand
Veterans can schedule an appointment through a My HealtheVet Premium account or DS Logon Premium account (used for eBenefits and milConnect)

With your online account, you’ll also be able to:

Track the status of requests 2. Send messages about requested appointments 3. Get notifications about appointments 4. Cancel appointments

Schedule a VA appointment online 
Upgrade your MyHealtheVet account to premiumUpgrade your DS Logon account to premiumLocate the nearest VA-approved Urgent Care. Urgent Cares provide easy access to quality health care for the times when your primary care physician’s offices are closed.

Make or Cancel an Appointment

To make or cancel an appointment, please call the Medical Center at or toll free at 1- and enter the extension you wish to contact from the list below. 
Veterans must have been seen in the VA system or by a VA community care provider within the last 24 months in order to use this benefit.
If a Veteran arrives at an urgent care network location and has any difficulty receiving care, they can call 1-866‑620‑2071 to receive assistance Learn more HERE
VA Community Care For local Care In The Community questions for the Durham VA Health Care System and its community clinics call . Urgent Care Information

Primary Care and Specialty Clinics

Clinic Hours: 8:00 am – 4:30 pm - Monday – Friday, except on Federal Holidays

Patient Aligned Care Teams

PACT – 1D Clinic:
PACT – Women's Health Clinic:
PACT – PRIME Clinic at Hillandale 1:  
PACT – Hillandale-1 Clinic:  
PACT – Raleigh-1 CBOC:  
PACT – Raleigh-3 CBOC:
PACT – Clayton Clinic:  
PACT – Greenville HCC:
PACT – Morehead City CBOC:


Clinics located off the main campus PACT – PRIME Clinic at Hillandale-1:   

Information to Help You Decide about Where to Receive Your Care

VA has a regularly updated Access to Care website that provides useful information that can help you to decide the best VA location for you to receive your care.

Before making an appointment, you can find out the following information for a VA location:  

  1. Wait times for primary care, mental health, and some of the most common specialties  
  2. If same day services are available in primary care and mental health    
  3. If Telehealth is available in primary care and mental health
  4. If a VA Medical Facility has an emergency room  
  5. Facility contact information    
  6. Veteran satisfaction scores  
  7. Quality information comparing each VA and local area non-VA healthcare facilities 

VA is committed to give Veterans the access to care they need, when they need it. When you’re planning your care at VA, you can rely on us to give you the information you need to make informed health care decisions.




Contacting a Patient

If you come to visit a patient, please see our maps for directions and parking locations. You may also wish to review our visiting hours and policies page.

If you would like to send a card, gift or flowers to a patient, the mailing address is:

Patient Name (Patient Room Number)
c/o Durham VA Health Care System, Medical Center
508 Fulton Street
Durham, North Carolina 27705


For the location of an inpatient or their phone number, dial the Medical Center at or 1- then enter  the patient's phone number or dial 0 for assistance.

OEF/OIF Veteran Contact Information

The VA can provide you with health care and benefits assistance if you have served in a recent theatre of combat operations.  

If you are a recently discharged veteran with service in a theater of combat operations, VA can provide you with free medical care for five years from your discharge from active duty for conditions possibly related to your service, regardless of your income status:

For more information contact: 

Susan Watkins, MSW, CSW, LCSW
Program Manager OOO  Transition Care Management
, Ext. 177476 or 177645   
or Toll-Free Ext. 177040       

Judi Bonami
OEF/OIF Clinic
, Ext. 177645
or Toll-Free , Ext. 177645/177476  

Shelton M. Faircloth
Transition Patient Advocate
Ext. 175952
or Toll-Free  

Schedule an Appointment

To schedule an appointment, please contact us at any of the numbers listed on our appointments page, or visit My HealtheVet.

Patient Representative

If you have a compliment, complaint, or other issue which you believe requires resolution, please contact one of our patient representatives. Their contact information is available on our customer service page.

Former Prisoners of War

Our Former Prisoners of War Advocate can provide special assistance to former POWs. Contact Dennis Mott at , Ext. 177974.

Compensation and Pension

To speak with someone in compensation and pension, call the Medical Center at  Ext. 176006  (or 1-, Ext. 176006).

Release of Information

If you need to get information from your medical records, please contact our Release of Information Office.

Ask VA Replaces IRIS and the GI Bill Help Portal

We’ve replaced our Information Routing & Inquiry Service (IRIS) and the GI Bill Help Portal with Ask VA (AVA). Keep reading on this page to learn more about this online service. Or go to Ask VA now to send us your questions, updates, and documents online.

Contact us online through Ask VA 

News Media

All Media should contact the Public Affairs Officer at  during normal operating hours or (919) 370--0040 after business hours. 


Need help? Contact a patient advocate

If you need help getting care or resolving an issue with VA, get help from one of our trained patient advocates.

Medical records office

Access your medical records online or request a copy of your records from our Release of Information office.

Billing and insurance

Pay your VA Durham health care bill online, by phone, mail, or in person. You can also raise issues or address billing disputes.


Find out how to refill your prescriptions, where to pick up new prescription orders, and how to safely dispose of your medicines.

Phone directory and mailing address

Find phone numbers for many of the administrative and program offices at VA Durham health care.

Mailing address

Durham VA Medical Center
508 Fulton Street
Durham, NC 27705-3875

Main phone numbers

Local: 919-286-0411
Toll-free: 888-878-6890

To use TeleType for the Deaf (TTY) services: 711

A – F

Anticoagulation Clinic at the Durham VAMC: ext. 17-5703, 1D PRIME clinic  
Anticoagulation Clinic, Greenville HCC : ext. 14-3376 
Anticoagulation Clinic, Morehead City CBOC:  ext. 15-3431 
Anticoagulation Clinic, Raleigh 1, Raleigh 3, Clayton: ext. 16-2741
Audiology: ext. 176961  3rd floor, D-wing

Beneficiary Travel:  ext. 176236/176237  F1100
Billing ext. 175379
Billing: Agent Cashier - Payments Only  ext. 176235

Cardiac Surgery (Durham VA Medical Center, 1st Floor, Area B): ext. 177114
Cardiology:  ext. 175540/176942/176975  3rd floor
Caregiver Support
Chaplain Service: ext. 176596 (For a direct line to a chaplain please call 3rd floor, C-wing)
Compensation and Pension: ext. 176006  1st floor, F-wing

Dental: ext. 176960  1st floor, B-wing
Dermatology:  ext. 177196  8th floor, B-wing
Diabetes Education:  ext. 176145  5th floor, B-wing

Ear, Nose & Throat: ext. 176363  1st floor, B-wing
EEG/Epilepsy: ext. 177207  10th floor, B-wing
Eligibility: ext. 176993  F1103
Emergency Department: ext. 176304  1st floor, F-wing
EMG: ext. 176943  10th floor, B-wing
Endocrine:  ext. 174110  1st Floor - 1C
Eye Clinic:  ext. 178075  Ground floor, FG-234

Fee Basis:  ext. 176899  Hillandale 2

G – M

Geriatric Primary Care:  ext. 176932  3rd floor, N3003
GI/ Gastroenterology:  ext. 176945  Ground floor, FG-344

Hematology: ext. 176944  1st floor, C-wing
Homeless Program/Social Work:  ex. 177065  5th floor, B5013
Home Based Primary Care:   

Liver Clinic/Hepatitis Clinic: ext. 176945  

Mental Health Clinic:  ext. 176073/176074  Call for appointment location
MIRECC: ext. 176154  Call for appointment location
MyHealtheVet: ext. 176813  D1003


N – Z

Neurodiagnostic Clinic: ext. 176943  Call for appointment location
Neurology:  ext. 176943  Call for appointment location
Neurosurgery:  ext. 177010  5th floor, A5008
Nutrition Clinic/MOVE:  ext. 178034  Call for appointment location

Occupational Therapy:  ext. 176874  2nd floor, B-wing, Room 2010 
OEF/ OIF:  ext. 177645  A1027 
Optical Shop:  ext. 177785  Ground Floor, FG136 
Orthopedics:  ext. 175498/176248/176249/717113  5th floor, Room A5008 

Pain Clinic:  ext. 176585/177661  4th floor, A-wing 
Pharmacy:  ext. 172700  WACO Pharmacy Customer Care 
Physical Therapy:  ext. 176874  2nd floor, B-wing 
Plastic Surgery:  ext 175277  1st floor, B-wing 
Podiatry:  5611  8th floor, A-wing 
Prosthetics:  ext. 175013  2nd floor, B-wing 
Psychiatry Emergency Care:  ext. 175418  
Psychology:  ext. 176934  Call for appointment location (2D) 
Psychosocial Rehab and Recovery Clinic (PRRC): ext. 177514  Hillandale 2 
PTSD:  ext. 177977  (Call for appointment location) 
Pulmonary:  ext. 176946  5th floor, A-wing 

Radiation Oncology: ext. 176996  Go to basement using green elevators 
Radiology Scheduling:  ext. 174930                                   
Recreation Therapy:  ext. 176874  2nd floor, B-wing
Release of Information:  6200  136D
Renal:  ext. 176949  3B, B3032
Rheumatology:  ext. 174111  1st floor, C-wing 

Sleep Apnea/CPAP Clinic:  ext. 175686  10th floor, B-wing
Sleep Study Clinic:  ext. 172183/174612
Spinal Cord Injury:  ext. 176874  2nd floor, B-wing
Substance Abuse:  ext. 177483  Call for appointment location (Hillandale II) 

Thoracic Surgery:  ext. 177109  8th floor, B-wing 

Urgent Care (Questions Only): or email at: If a Veteran arrives at an urgent care network location and has any difficulty receiving care, they can call 866‑620‑2071 to receive assistance.
Urology:  ext. 176729/175277  5th floor, D-wing

Vascular Radiology:  ext. 175028  3rd floor, F-wing 
Vascular Surgery:  ext.175282  1st floor, Area E 

Women’s Health-Gynecology and Specialty Care: ext. 178091  1st floor, F-wing 
Women’s Health-Primary Care:  ext. 178091  1st floor, F-wing nformation to Help You Decide about Where to Receive Your CareBefore making an appointment, you can find out the following information for a VA

Media and Press Releases

The Office of Public Affairs can assist local media with queries, interview requests, and expert information about the VA Durham Healthcare System.

Phone: 919-286-0411, ext. 176986

After hours or on weekends, call the operator at 919-824-3769 and ask for the administrator on duty.

Submit a FOIA request

Under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), you have a right to federal agency records unless those records are protected from disclosure by specific exemptions or exclusions laid out in law.

Requesting records maintained by VA Durham


Medical Administration Office
Release of Information (ROI)
508 Fulton Street
Durham, NC 27705-3875

For questions about your request to the Durham VA Health Care System 

Phone: 919-286-0411, ext. 176200

Additional FOIA request information

Report an issue

Give us website feedback

To report a technical issue or give us feedback about this site, email our web team at Coming soon!

Report suspected fraud or mismanagement

Contact the VA Office of the Inspector General (VAOIG) to report suspected criminal activity, fraud, inadequate patient care, or mismanagement of VA programs or government resources.

Phone: 800-488-8244

VA Inspector General Hotline (53e)
810 Vermont Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20420

Learn more about the VA OIG hotline.

Report patient care or safety issues

If you have any concerns about the care and safety of patients or residents, the first step is to contact hospital management. If management did not address or resolve your concerns, contact the Joint Commission.

Submit a complaint online:
Phone: 800-994-6610

Office of Quality Monitoring
The Joint Commission
One Renaissance Boulevard
Oakbrook Terrace, IL 6018