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Make an appointment

Find out how to make, cancel, or reschedule a primary care, mental health, or specialty care appointment at a VA Eastern Colorado health care facility.

Before you make an appointment

You can make an appointment with us if both of the below are true for you. 

  • You're enrolled in VA health care, and
  • You're registered as a patient at VA Eastern Colorado health care

If you're not yet enrolled in VA health care 
Apply for VA health care

If you're not registered at VA Eastern Colorado health care
Register for care here

Primary care appointments

We offer primary care services at all 17 VA Eastern Colorado health care facilities. You can make a primary care appointment online or by phone.

Make an appointment online

Make an appointment by phone

Primary care call center

Toll free:  888-336-8262, select 2
Direct:  303-399-8020

Download the VA Health Chat app

VA Health Chat | VA Mobile

VA Health Chat allows Veterans to immediately connect with VA health care clinicians over text-messaging. No need to travel to a VA facility. Just tap the app and start receiving telehealth services from our care team.

VA Health Chat accesses your VA Electronic Health Record and, for your security, requires you to enter My HealtheVet (premium), DS Logon (premium),, or account credentials.
Learn more

Mental health care appointments

If you're struggling with stress, anxiety, depression, anger, or other issues, we can help. We offer mental health (also called behavioral health) counseling, psychiatric care, and treatment for problems with alcohol and other substances.

How do I talk to someone right now?

Find out how to get support anytime, day or night.

For mental health care appointments

Call the behavioral health call center.


For walk-in mental health care

If you need help right away, or if you have a referral from another VA provider, one of our counselors will see you the same day. Same-day mental health and psychiatric help is available for both new and established patients.

Available at Eastern Colorado VA Medical Center

South Clinic Clinic
Building A
Map of Eastern Colorado campus
Phone: 888-336-8262
Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. MT

Specialty care appointments

If you already have a primary care provider at VA Eastern Colorado health care, you can make a direct appointment without referral for the following specialty services:

Amputation care


Hematology / Oncology

Blind Rehab / Low Vision


Nutrition and Food Service
Routine: 303-398-6380
MOVE: 303-283-5300

720-857-5988, Option 1

Pharmacy specialist
Call your PACT Team


Smoking cessation

Social Work

Wheelchair and mobility evaluations

For specialty care services not listed here, please contact your primary care provider for a referral.

If you have received communication regarding the scheduling of an existing referral, you can contact the specialty at the following numbers.


Audiology and speech


Chiropractic / Acupuncture

Dental/oral surgery



General surgery

MSK / EMG / MD / Rehab


Occupational therapy




Pain management

Physical therapy

Plastic and reconstructive surgery

Polytrauma and traumatic brain injury

Pulmonary medicine


Recreational therapy

Thoracic surgery


Vascular surgery

Preparing for your appointment

Please bring the following to your appointment:

  • Your Veteran Health ID Card (VHIC). If this is your first appointment, we can help you get your picture taken for your card.
  • Cards for any other types of health coverage you may have (like Medicare, Medicaid, TRICARE, or private insurance plan).
  • Your appointment confirmation letter.
  • List of your current medications including prescriptions, over-the-counter medicines, vitamins, and any herbal supplements.

Yes, we’ll send you a reminder by phone about your appointment date, time, and location. If you have more than one appointment on the same day, you'll get a phone call for each appointment.

If you want to get reminders by text message

You'll need to sign up to opt in to this service. Visit the  patient registration office at our Eastern Colorado location. This service is free, but standard messaging rates from your mobile service provider may apply.

Once you sign up to receive text message reminders, you’ll no longer receive reminders by phone call.

If you have more than one appointment on the same day, you'll get one text reminder for all appointments. You can't cancel or reschedule appointments using our text message reminder service.


Please call the clinic where your appointment is scheduled, so we can give the appointment time to another Veteran.

  • For appointments at Eastern Colorado:  888-336-8262, select 2
  • For mental health (behavioral health) appointments: 720-723-7310
  • For appointments at any of our outpatient clinics: Call the clinic where you scheduled the appointment. 

If you miss your appointment without letting the clinic know ahead of time, we'll consider you a "no show" and you'll need to reschedule your appointment.

You can also cancel some appointments online.

Please call us as soon as you can. If you arrive more than 20 minutes late without calling ahead of time, we may have to reschedule your appointment. 

  • For appointments at Eastern Colorado:  888-336-8262, select 2
  • For mental health (behavioral health) appointments: 720-723-7310
  • For appointments at any of our outpatient clinic: Call the clinic where you scheduled the appointment. 

Have you heard about VetText, a new way to get information about sooner Primary Care appointment and certain specialty care clinics?

 You may see texts from VetText (phone # 53079) asking you if you would like to reschedule one of your future appointments to an earlier date. When this happens, other veterans might also be receiving the same offer. You may respond to the text in one of four ways: 

(1) Type “Reschedule.” If you are the first to respond to the reschedule offer, you will get that new appointment, and the one you had before will be cancelled. 

(2) Type “Keep” to keep your appointment. If other openings arise to reschedule that appointment, you won’t be notified. 

(3) No response: You will continue to receive reschedule offers. 

(4) Type “PASS.” That way you won’t get future offers to reschedule. How can you get an sooner primary care appointment? When you make your appointment, tell your scheduler that you would like a sooner appointment if one becomes available. If you have questions, call Option 2.

*New* Online Appointment Scheduling 

Beginning Feb. 12, 2024, Veterans will be able to schedule primary care appointments online. VA Online Scheduling offers a secure, online way for Veterans to request and self-schedule appointments at VA. Veterans must be enrolled and assigned to a PACT team to schedule online. To schedule, Veterans can download the VA Mobile Scheduling app from their smartphone app store, or through the appointments page on MyHealtheVet.