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Hematology/Oncology services

The Rocky Mountain Regional VA cancer and blood disorders department provides state of the art diagnostic services, cancer surgery, chemotherapy and other cancer-directed therapies, and research including clinical trials. We also provide supportive and social services, as well as survivorship programs.

Appointments and nurse navigation

If you reach voicemail, please leave your name,  telephone number, and a brief message.

Main oncology numbers

Phone: 720-723-3261

Fax: 720-723-7881

Nurse navigators

Mindy Peterson, RN: 720-857-5844

Becky Oakes, RN: 720-723-6496

Amy Savoie, RN: 720-723-3152

Nicole Bessey, RN (lung navigator): 720-723-3151

Infusion center


Rocky Mountain VA Regional Medical Center
Building E, 3rd Floor

Check in at the Snow Mass desk

Phone: 720-723-3286

Procedures and treatments

We provide many different diagnostic and treatment procedures and medications here at the VA and through our community partners.

Bone marrow biopsy

Bronchoscopy (pdf)



Interventional radiology

Services provided at Rocky Mountain VA Regional Medical Center include but are not limited to biopsies, drains, catheter/port/line placements.  Liver directed therapies include TACE/TAE, microwave and alcohol ablations, portal vein embolization.  Other cancer treatments include cryoablation of kidney and lung masse and other painful metastatic lesions.  Pain management procedures include kyphoplasty, celiac plexus block, facet/joint injections, epidural injections, and blood patches.  Urologic interventions include nephrostomy, nephroureteral stenting, varicocele embolization.  Vascular procedures include angiography with embolization including uterine and prostate artery, DVT thrombectomy, pulmonary embolectomy, thoracic duct embolization, IVC filter placements and retrievals.

Lumbar puncture



Prescription refills

For active medications that have refills, call the pharmacy at or visit MyHealtheVet.

-For medications related to Hematology/Oncology that need renewal please call our main number: or your nurse navigator

Oncology social work

Oncology social work provides support and services which can reduce stress for you and your loved ones though all phases of the cancer journey. The social worker is available to help as little or as much as you need. As your resource, the social worker can offer assistance and support in areas including:

  • Advanced care planning
  • Psychological/emotional support
  • Care coordination
  • Crisis management
  • Health literacy
  • Social support
  • Practical needs (lodging, food, transportation etc.)
  • VA benefit information/disability benefits
  • Palliative care and hospice

As an eligible VA patient, you may self-refer to the oncology department with a biopsy proven cancer diagnosis.


Lisa Harrison, LCSW: 720-723-3430


Oncology research is an integrated component of oncology care services. We offer unique, cutting-edge trials for a wide variety of cancer types, to better support our Veteran patients. We provide access to many treatment and observational trials in coordination with groups including National Cancer Institute,  the VA Cooperative Studies Program, the National Association of Veterans' Research and Education Foundations, as well as offering investigator-initiated studies and industry-sponsored trials. Our goal is to offer an opportunity to participate in high-quality clinical trials to as many patients as possible. We currently have a large suite of trials that address solid tumor and hematologic malignancies.

Clinical trial FAQs

What is a clinical trial?

What are the phases of a clinical trial?

Where can I learn more about if clinical trials might be right for me?

Research team

Caitlin Hutchinson, MS - Clinical research manager

Evelyn Bordeaux

Investigators:  All of our providers are involved in research

To inquire about current trial offerings, please contact Caitlin Hutchinson at 720-429-4250 or 720-857-5663 for more information.

Caregiver resources

Other resources

Support groups

Rocky Mountain Regional VA Medical Center Cancer Caregiver Support Group: Contact Lisa Harrison, LCSW for more information: 720-723-3430