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MOVE! Weight Management Program

We offer easy-to-follow weight management plans backed by the latest science. Our experts can help you reduce health risks, prevent or reverse some diseases and live a better—and even longer—life.


MOVE! is available to VA-enrolled veterans (ages 18-70) with excess bodyweight, who feel they can benefit from MOVE! and who are motivated to make lifestyle changes. Optional enrollment is available for Veterans 70 years or older, or those at a BMI (Body Mass Index) between 25 and 30. There is no co-pay for the MOVE! program.

Getting Started

If you’d like to attend an orientation class, ask your healthcare team for a consult or call 303-283-5300 or send us a Secure Message on My HealtheVet.

The MOVE! program is offered in three different phases at the Eastern Colorado Healthcare System.

Phase 1 is a 16 week program where Veterans attend the class each week with the same group of Veterans. Phase 1 is offered in-clinic, over a WebEx Phone Conference, or through the VA Video Connect app. The Veteran workbook and a Food & Activity used during Phase 1 is available here: Veteran Materials - MOVE! Weight Management Program.

Phase 2 of the MOVE! program allows Veterans to continue to receive support in reaching their health goals through continued education. Phase 2 allows Veterans more flexibility with when and how they attend classed. Phase 2 is considered complete when someone has taken five courses from each subject area. Phase 2 is offered in-clinic, over a WebEx Phone Conference, or through the VA Video Connect app.

Phase 3 of the MOVE! program is a once monthly group class designed to offer continued support in reaching health goals for as long as it is desired. Phase 3 is offered in-clinic, over a WebEx Phone Conference, or through the VA Video Connect app.

Other Ways to Participate

TeleMOVE! is a Home Telehealth version of the MOVE! Program. TeleMOVE! offers virtual daily interaction via in-home messaging, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) or web browser based technology for 90 days. To learn more, attend an orientation class by calling 303-283-5300.

MOVE! Coach is a phone app that offers a self-guided program. A weekly phone call with a MOVE! Clinician is required for participation. To learn more attend an orientation class by calling 303-283-5300.

Be Active and Move (BAM virtual fitness class) is a group exercise class offered over VA Video Connect in addition to the MOVE! program. Veterans can participate in BAM during any phase of the MOVE! program. Ask your MOVE facilitator to learn more.

Weight Loss Medications work best when combined with diet and activity changes. There must be a willingness to use the medications as part of a weight loss plan. The Eastern Colorado Healthcare System currently offers four different medications to aid in the management of obesity. Involvement with the MOVE! program is one of the requirements to be considered for a medication, however participating in MOVE! does not guarantee that a medication will be prescribed to you. Regular follow-up visits with MOVE! are required to keep your prescription current.

Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery. Weight loss surgery is for some Veterans who continue with significant obesity after trying other weight loss methods or for those have an obesity-related disease. Interested candidates must complete required MOVE! education and meet initial eligibility criteria to pursue a bariatric surgery evaluation.