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Read about what's happening in our VA Eastern Colorado health care community.

Hummingbird Initiative takes flight at Rocky Mountain Regional VA Medical Center

Rocky Mountain Regional VA Medical Center (VAMC) is participating in the Hummingbird Initiative to mitigate the looming mental health care professional shortage in Colorado and bolster diversity in the field by training aspiring mental health care professionals while they’re in high school.

A group of people sitting at a table with open laptops

VA video program preserves U.S. history by recording Veterans’ memories and stories

Every Veteran has a unique story. Each day, Veterans from all military experiences pass away, leaving their rich history untold. The simple act of asking to hear a Veteran's story can make it possible to carry their stories on for future generations.

Four people pose together after a Veteran interview.

Army Veteran returns to National Disabled Veterans Winter Sports Clinic

U.S. Army Veteran Brian Wells suffered a head injury so severe that medics didn’t expect him to survive. For this soldier, starting the healing process would require him to redefine his life.

Two photos. Left, Woman and man in winter coats and ski gear stand in front of a snowy mountain. Right, man stands on snowboard on a steep slope.

Endurance athlete beats cancer, trains for triathlon

At age 29, U.S. Navy Veteran Lindsey Davis, an experienced runner, was sidelined by a hurdle like none she had ever encountered before—breast cancer.

Two images of same woman. Lt: She smiles, lying in a hospital bed, making a heart with her hands. Rt: The woman, smiling, runs across a finish line.

Veteran stunned by cancer diagnosis chronicles her treatment journey to help others

Imagine going to the emergency room (ER) with a swollen foot and shortness of breath and leaving with a cancer diagnosis. U.S. Navy Veteran Adele Doctor doesn’t have to imagine this scenario—she lived it.

Woman, smiling, stands in front of Naval photos at VA.

For chronic pain, the human connection is the intervention

There is hope for Veterans living with chronic pain.

Group setting where a younger man has his hand on the shoulder of an older man, comforting him.

Work therapy program empowers Veteran, provides employment and purpose

“Compensated Work Therapy saved my life,” said U.S. Army Veteran Lardrick Alexander. “They gave me hope.”

Man stands outside medical center with hands on his hips.

Low vision clinic offers resources and hope for Veterans with visual impairment

U.S. Air Force Veteran Eulla Curry, who lost her sight in 2014, has strong opinions about the blind and low vision rehabilitation services offered at Jewell VA Clinic in Aurora, Colorado.

Smiling woman holds a phone without looking at it.

Strong hearts the focus of Go Red for Women event

February, the month with Valentine’s Day and Go Red for Women cardiac health awareness, is all about the heart. For the entire month, VA employees will wear red to raise awareness about cardiovascular disease and to help save lives.

Woman with medical mask sits with blood pressure cuff on her arm. Man, also with mask, observes the pressure gauge.

Cyclist finds freedom on the open road after amputation

During a snowstorm in 1978, U.S. Marine Corps Veteran John Klotz stopped on the side of the road to assist a stranded woman. That good deed took an unpredictable turn.

Smiling man riding a recumbent bike on the roadside with mountain view in the background.