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IRB, Privacy, Research Compliance

Learn more about IRB, Privacy, Research Compliance at Eastern Oklahoma VA Health Care System.



The EOVAHCS Research Office is pleased to announce the adoption of the VA Innovation and Research Review System (VAIRRS). VAIRRS is the VA's enterprise version of IRBNet, a web-based software used by administrators, committee members, and researchers for electronic protocol submission/management and review and oversight of research. VAIRRS is currently in a phased implementation at all VA medical centers with research programs.

All submissions to the IRB, IACUC, SRS and RDC (e.g., new protocols, amendments, continuing reviews, closures) must be submitted electronically via VAIRRS. E-mail and hard copy submissions will not be accepted. Investigators can self-register for a VAIRRS account and submit protocols at 

VA researchers are required to obtain approval from the local VA Research and Development Committee prior to executing research.

Study forms and templates are in VAIRRS. You can download blank copies from the VAIRRS Forms & Templates page. Certain forms that are submitted outside of VAIRRS are available on the LINK page.

Accessing VAIRRS

You can access VAIRRS from virtually any computer by visiting VAIRRS does not require a connection to the VA network. 

All users must be registered to access VAIRRS. New users can create an account by clicking on the “Register Now to get started!” link located on the login page. Be sure to select Jack C. Montgomery Medical Center as your organization when registering. 

ALL Principal Investigators, Co-Investigators, study coordinators/primary contact personnel and study staff MUST create and activate a VAIRRS account. 

VA Central IRB

The VA Central IRB mainly reviews ORD-funded VA research projects that have more than one VA site engaged in human subjects’ research. The VA Central IRB will also review single site pilot studies that, if successful, will eventually have multiple VA sites engaged in human subjects’ research.

Other IRBs of record have no authority over the VA Central IRB.  Those research projects designated for VA CIRB review shall receive sole adjudication from the CIRB.

VA C-IRB Information may be found at:  VA Central IRB

Academic Affiliate IRB

Eastern Oklahoma VA Healthcare System’s IRB of record is:

Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences (OSU-CHS) IRB# 00002148

Regulatory Compliance

The IRB is responsible for ensuring compliance with federal regulations, state law, and the policies of the Department of Veteran Affairs.  All human subjects research at the EOVAHCS is conducted in accordance with the policy and regulations found in applicable handbooks including but not limited to VHA Handbook 1200.01, 1200.05, 38 CFR 16, 45 CFR 46 and 21 CFR 50 and 56.

Federalwide Assurance (FWA)

The HRPP operates under the authority of its current Federalwide Assurance, FWA#00001194, and has designated the OSUCHS IRB#00002148 to review all human research protocols.

Types of Research Covered by the HRPP

Research conducted at the EOVAHCS is generally designed to advance health care for our veteran population and the nation.  The HRPP typically covers the following types of research:  Biomedical, Behavioral, Psychological, Sponsored Research, and Health Service Research.

EOVAHCS does not participate in the following research:

  1. Prisoner research.
  2. Classified Research – Research whose procedures and results are legally knowable only by individuals with United State -government security clearance.  Any research sponsored by a Federal government entity which involves restrictions imposed by agreement or otherwise, on the distribution or publication of the research findings, or results for a specified period or for an indefinite duration following the completion of such research. 

Privacy, Data Security & Compliance

Privacy Officers ensure privacy requirements are met prior to the use of VHA data for research. The collection, extraction, and/or use of VHA data for research CANNOT start until all privacy requirements are met, as determined by the Privacy Officer. However, other research-related activities could be initiated, e.g., development of materials. The Privacy Officer needs to review each initial submission of human research studies.

Ronnie L. Jamerson
Privacy Officer

Research Compliance Officers are responsible for auditing VA medical facility research projects including performing annual informed consent and triennial regulatory audits of approved study protocols and other post-approval monitoring activities as specified by ORO, as well as, assisting in compliance education to investigators, research staff and research committee staff/members; accreditation activities.

Annette M. Rogers
Research Compliance Officer

The ISSO is the person at your facility that is responsible for data security. The ISSO will review all initial submissions of research protocols to ensure that study data is managed, according to VA regulations. The ISSO will resolve any questions or concerns directly with the researcher submitting the study.

Sharon F. Gainey
Information Systems Security Officer

Curtis Lavender, Information Systems Security Officer (ISSO)