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Eastern Oklahoma VA Opens First VA Mammography Unit in Oklahoma

Eastern Oklahoma VA Opens First VA Mammography Unit in Oklahoma
Dr. Daniel Roswig, chief radiologist (fourth from right), and Jennifer Foutch, radiology supervisor (second from left), proudly open the first VA Mammography Unit in Oklahoma. They were joined by members of the executive leadership team, VHA National Radiology Program, General Electric, and National Teleradiological Program for the special ribbon cutting held at the Ernest Childers VA Outpatient Clinic in Tulsa Oklahoma. Photo by Akeam Ashford

Women Veterans in eastern Oklahoma can now receive mammography screenings at VA thanks to the first VA Mammography Unit to open in Oklahoma.

Mammography is an X-ray exam of breast tissue and the best breast cancer screening tool available. The new unit produces state-of-the-art images, called mammograms, which help diagnose breast cancer, as well as other breast conditions.

This new screening service is the latest in the ever-growing list of services and programs offered by the Eastern Oklahoma VA Health Care System.

Dr. Daniel Roswig, chief radiologist, said the new unit has been a highly anticipated addition to the Ernest Childers VA Outpatient Clinic.

National VHA Radiology representatives, General Electric officials, and representatives from the National Teleradiology Program (NTP) were all present at a special ribbon cutting ceremony held at the Tulsa clinic on June 28.

“This is not only the first in-house VA Mammography Unit to open in Oklahoma, but it is also the first newly established mammography program in the VA to partner with NTP to offer telescreening services,” said Dr. Roswig. “Many facets of VA were instrumental in bringing this to fruition, including our Radiology staff, Women Veterans Program, and IT. We commend them for their roles in bringing the system online and embracing new technology and procedures, thereby further supporting our Veterans’ medical needs.”

Air Force Veteran Ronda McHale was the first to use the new equipment and wants to encourage others to be proactive with their health.

It was a really good experience,” said McHale. “I am glad they now have the Mammography option available at VA. I have been very happy with the care I have received here. More women should follow-up and get their mammograms, it could save their life.”

Jennifer Foutch, radiology supervisor, says experiences like McHale’s are why they have been so excited about this project.

“The convenience the new service will provide women Veterans in support of their health is such a positive thing,” said Foutch. “We have already screened almost 90 women since we began, and they are so happy to now be able to receive this service, along with others at VA. It’s just a great development for our health care system, facility, and our Veterans.”

The Radiology Department is not alone in their excitement for the opening of the new unit. Michele Reeves, Women Veterans Program manager, says her team is thrilled to be able to offer more support to the women they serve in their program with the new addition.

“Our Veterans will be able to get their mammography screenings completed here and the results will be readily available in our system for seamless continuity of care,” said Reeves. “It will streamline the process immensely and just helps to show our Women Veterans that VA is dedicated to caring for their unique needs by investing in the technology to provide them with top notch care!”

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