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Read about what's happening in our VA Erie health care community.

A Hero's Gratitude: Veteran Nominates Erie VA Medical Center’s Dr. Linda Peng for Healthcare Employee of the Year Award

Primary Care, Whole Health provider Dr. Linda Peng receives recognition as an outstanding healthcare provider.

Dr. Peng poses with Erie VAMC leadership, Whole Health staff members, and Mr. Jim Brown after the award presentation.

Spiritual Care: Connecting Beyond Boundaries

Chaplains are essential to VA and have long been recognized as part of complete and holistic health care for our Veterans.

Photos of Chief Chaplain Larmena and Chaplain Nelson

Erie VA Medical Center Honored for Excellence in Health Care Sustainability

The Erie VA Medical Center is an honored and proud recipient of the 2022 Top 25 Environmental Excellence Awards and a Circles of Excellence Award presented by Practice Greenhealth.

Erie VA Leadership and Staff with Award

Erie VA Medical Center Celebrates Nurses

Erie VA Medical Center kicks off the 7-day-long celebration of National Nurses Week with a Nurses Week Tea and Award Ceremony.

Celebrating Nurses Banner

Healing is on the horizon. MST survivors share their stories to encourage Veterans to take the next step.

Healing after MST can take time. No matter how long it’s been, VA is here to help.


Living Whole with Diabetes through Shared Medical Group at Erie VAMC

Erie VAMC empowered Veterans with diabetes to “Live Whole” by offering a Whole Health (WH) Shared Medical Group (SMG) over a 7-month period. The interdisciplinary team used the VA Whole Health model and delivered shared medical appointments for those with diabetes.

Erie VAMC Whole Health Diabetes Shared Medical Group Interdisciplinary Team