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A Hero's Gratitude: Veteran Nominates Erie VA Medical Center’s Dr. Linda Peng for Healthcare Employee of the Year Award

Dr. Peng poses with Erie VAMC leadership, Whole Health staff members, and Mr. Jim Brown after the award presentation.
(l to r) Medical Center Director John A. Gennaro, Whole Health Clinical Director Dr. Stephen P. Kroth, Whole Health Program Manager Dr. Ricardo (Rocky) L. Escajadillo, Mr. Jim Brown, Dr. Linda Peng, Chief of Staff Dr. Borys Loza, and Medical Director, Primary Care Dr. Dolan Wenner.

Primary Care, Whole Health provider Dr. Linda Peng receives recognition as an outstanding healthcare provider.

In a heartwarming tribute to the exceptional care he receives at the Erie VA Medical Center (VAMC), Mr. Jim Brown, U.S. Air Force Veteran, and Department of Pennsylvania Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) National Legislative Chair, nominated Primary Care Whole Health provider, Dr. Linda Peng, for the VFW 2022/23 Outstanding VA Healthcare Employee of the Year Award.

Upon honoring Dr. Peng with the award, Mr. Brown shared how her compassion, dedication, and remarkable care made his journey of self-care and healing not only possible but incredibly successful. 

"Dr. Peng goes above and beyond to ensure I receive the best possible care, coordinates my treatments, and advocates for my health care needs," stated Mr. Brown, "she helps Veterans like me change their lives for the better."

Erie VAMC leadership and Whole Health staff members looked on as Mr. Brown presented the award to Dr. Peng earlier this month. Dr. Peng graciously accepted the award, saying, "When I care for patients, I think about how I would want my loved ones treated, my mother, my father, even myself – and I care for my patients with that in mind."

Mr. Brown's story symbolizes the tremendous efforts of many healthcare professionals within the Erie VAMC, who often work tirelessly to provide specialized care to our nation's Veterans. His nomination serves as a reminder of these healthcare professionals' positive impact on our Veterans' lives. It is a testament to the profound bond that can develop between Veterans and their healthcare providers.

Please see below for Mr. Brown’s narrative submission.

Outstanding VA Healthcare Employee of the Year Award

The Veteran population, as well as our society, travel through life “Mind Full,” as opposed to a “Mindful” direction. Due to this fact, it gives me great pleasure to nominate Linda Peng M.D. (Dr. Peng) for this award. She exemplifies what a doctor at a VA facility should be all about – THE VETERAN! I have personally been a patient of doctor pang for about 15 years. She has transformed and changed my life in a plethora of ways. Dr. Peng provides many services within the VA.

Dr. Peng's approach to medicine is through Whole Health. This helps alleviate, and often times eliminates the need for pills and other types of medication. The Whole Health approach focuses on the Mind, Body, and Spirit through a variety of ways.

Dr. Peng offers Acupressure, Acupuncture, Battlefield Acupuncture, Cupping, Tai Chi, Reiki, and Qi Gong, as well as many other types of Whole Health modalities. These are all things I have personal experience with, and some I have been trained by Dr. Peng to continually use in my daily life. These skills taught by Dr. Peng are Life Changing!

Dr. Peng is more than just a “doctor.” She is ultimately a great person. She personally calls me and other patients to ensure we are doing fine and to make sure we understand her expectations, as well as to make sure we are aware of any upcoming appointments. She does not have to do this, because she has office staff that could do this. However, she enjoys the personal touch and interaction with her patients.

Often times, so many preach negativity towards the VA hospitals and the VA Health Care System as a whole. I personally feel this is extremely unfair to the entirety of the doctors, nurses, and staff within the VA. There is an abundance of phenomenal individuals in the VA, as well as the healthcare world in general, who are greatly underappreciated! When given the chance, we as a Veteran population and society, should ensure we show recognition when appropriate.

This is where Dr. Peng moves to the forefront. She is a tremendous person first, Dr. Peng truly cares for her patients. She practices what she preaches, by utilizing many of her approaches within her life, as well as her family's life. She shares success stories with patients, in order to help them gain confidence in their own treatments.

Though there are many candidates worthy of the “OUTSTANDING VA HEALTHCARE EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR AWARD,” there is no better than Dr. Peng in my eyes. If there are individuals more worthy of this award, I have not come across them, and I would love to meet them. For if they are more worthy than Dr. Peng, they must be outstanding.

Again, it gives me great pleasure, and it is an honor to nominate Dr. Linda Peng who, is a true Life Changer for OUTSTANDING VA HEALTHCARE EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR AWARD!  

About the Award:

The Department of Pennsylvania Veterans of Foreign Wars Annual Healthcare Award Program features the following three award categories: 

Category 1 - VA Volunteer of the Year Award
Nominees for this award must be a regularly scheduled volunteer and must volunteer and work with one of the following: hospitalized veterans, CBOC veterans, veterans in community living centers, homeless veterans or veterans confined to their homes.

Category 2 - Outstanding VA Healthcare Employee of the Year Award
The goal of this award is to provide recognition to a VA healthcare provider who takes the extra steps to provide exemplary service to our veterans and their families.

Category 3 - Outstanding Community Healthcare Employee of the Year Award
The goal of this award is to provide recognition to a healthcare provide who takes the extra steps to provide exemplary service and support to our veterans and their families within the community.

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